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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Google Maps blocks scammers by weeding out millions of false profiles with AI tech

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Google Maps is removing false profiles from the platform, with the help of AI tech. In doing so, Google has ensured consumers don’t get deceived by scammers.

It is frequently used for a variety of purposes, including discovering a place, navigation, and even searching for firms listed on the platform.

Maps can be used to find office addresses and locations, however over time, people have modified their accounts to change phone numbers and addresses.

Such attempts have made Maps less trustworthy, but Google is now utilising AI technology to eliminate modified profiles and any phoney profiles of a company so that users are not fooled online.

Google Maps claims to have eliminated over a million profiles in the last year, thanks to its skill in machine learning, which has aided in spotting scammers and fraudulent profiles on the site.

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