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Goral Gandhi Fulfills Women’s Dream of Embracing Motherhood at Any Age through Egg Freezing

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Goral Gandhi is a leading embryologist of India with 25 years of expertise and she has been making motherhood possible for all those women who may wish to delay pregnancy for a variety of reasons through the process of egg freezing or for those women who cannot   conceive due to any medical complication or when age is not on her side. 

Every woman wants to become a mother at some point of time.  However sometimes in a bid to fulfill her other  dreams, she doesn’t realize that she has missed the best time to get pregnant and conceiving can be a little tough for her. 

In order to overcome such situations in an effective manner, the women of today can choose the option of freezing their eggs at the appropriate biological age so that perhaps in future, when the age is not on their side, they can get pregnant using these frozen, younger eggs. 

Goral Gandhi – The leading embryologist of India with 25 years of experience

Goral Gandhi, the famous embryologist from Mumbai who has a vast experience of 25 years, is quite passionate about helping women in making their dream of becoming mothers come true. Goral Gandhi, the founder and scientific director of Global Fertility Solutions, Mumbai, India, has also been instrumental in training many scientists and embryologists and she feels that egg freezing is helpful for the modern-day woman as our society and the aspirations and ambitions of women have changed to a great extent but the biological factors related to fertility decline are still the same. She says that egg freezing truly empowers women and awareness regarding the process must be 

What is egg freezing?

Egg freezing is a scientifically proven process in which the woman’s eggs are taken out from ovaries and they are preserved in a frozen state so that she can use them in the future when she wants to get pregnant. The best time to go through this process is in the late 20s or early 30s, before the age related decline in the number and quality of eggs sets in. However if a woman is diagnosed with an illness that may compromise her fertility, then she may need to opt for this process even at an earlier age. 

Thoughts of Goral Gandhi on egg freezing

Goral Gandhi states that the fertility of a woman starts decreasing quite early but after 37 years of age, there is significant reduction in fertility. She feels that egg freezing is one process by which a woman can have it all in her life, whether it is in regard to fulfilling her career aspirations or waiting for her Mr. Right or the Prince of her dreams. 

In Goral Gandhi’s opinion, there are three categories of women for whom egg freezing is the best available solution and they are most welcome to visit Global Fertility Solutions, Mumbai to discuss their options in detail. 

The single woman – The woman who is quite clear about the criteria of her future partner and she is ready to wait but not in the mood to compromise on the qualities that she wants in her partner. 

The career woman – She may be married or single but is very determined to achieve success in her professional life before starting a family and has no problem in waiting a little when it comes to becoming a mother.

Women with medical conditions – Women with severe medical conditions such as cancer should opt for egg freezing procedure as the medical treatment of such illness can harm their fertility to a great extent. 

Egg freezing provides a woman with the option of becoming a mother when she wants and not when her biological clock tells her.

A huge number of women have already opted for egg freezing. If you are considering this process, or have any doubts regarding it, you should meet Em Goral Gandhi at Global Fertility Solutions, Mumbai, and if you are from another city, you can contact her at goralgandhi@gmail.com.

Visit our Website: www.goralgandhi.com


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