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Gurumaa of Nirvana Naturopathy and retreat Igatpur Bestowed With Economic Times Change Maker 2022

Gurumaa the dynamic driving force behind Nirvana Naturopathy and retreat situated in Igatpuri (Ghoti) vision of Gurumaa behind this Naturopathy residential centre is to make healthy India without the dependency on medicines. Gurumaa’s Nirvana has helped more 10 lakhs patients in last few years to get rid of medicines.

We are spearheading the awareness of Yoga, meditation and Naturopathy in our day to day life to make us more healthy and happy.

Gurumaa has conducted thousands of Shivirs across India and abroad and lacs of people, from all walks of life, have received immense benefits from her teachings… Her interactive lectures on Control over Stress, Positive Thinking, Your Personality, Time Management, Self Confidence, Human Relationships, Conversation Skills, Leadership, etc have brought about revolutionary awakening in our minds. Her teachings of basic Pranayam , Asanas and detailed information on daily Balanced Diet has helped to make And as the saying goes – A healthy body and an agile mind makes one HAPPY. For helping people overcome their ailments in the best possible natural way, she has founded Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat near Nashik which is one of the leading Naturopathy center in Western India. People from all around the country enroll themselves here for specially designed Naturopathy treatments for obesity control, stress management, relief from body pains, etc etc in the most scientific, drug free methods.Gurumaa has taken up the challenge to bring about healthy awakening in the masses and is now going to channel her energies towards guiding the youth and the future generation of this country towards their right path in life and achieving their ultimate goals…


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