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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Haimanti Sen quit her job to turn a skywalk into a classroom for poor kids

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Haimanti Sen founded a non-governmental organisation after quitting her job. The NGO, called Junoon, provides basic education to poor kids for free.

A woman and 15 children can be seen studying and having fun on the skywalk at Mumbai’s Kandivali station.

Haimanti Sen, 25, gave up her well-paying career to ensure that at least some of Mumbai’s impoverished children receive basic education and skills.

She is the creator of Junoon, a non-governmental organization with which numerous like-minded persons are affiliated. They teach the alphabet, numbers, vocabulary, art, and communication to the youngsters.

It all began when Haimanti noticed a few children begging for food and money on the street. She was concerned that kids were not familiar with schools, so she wanted to meet their parents.  However, the parents blatantly lied about the children attending school.

Haimanti took the decision to teach the children at that point. She contacted a local school about enrolling some of them.

The authorities, on the other hand, were apprehensive since they were unclear whether the youngsters would attend courses on a regular basis. Haimanti began teaching them in order to prepare them for official schooling under the Right to Education Act.

They hide in restaurants, alleyways, and beneath cars to avoid being discovered by their parents while waiting for Haimanti to pick them up for class. So far, this vivacious woman has been effective in teaching 15 children a basic set of skills and information.

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