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Harnaaz Sandhu makes India proud again by winning Miss Universe 2021

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A young woman from India has again made the country proud by winning the title of Miss Universe 2021. Here’s how Harnaaz Sandhu cruised through the event to bring the title again to India.

The title of Miss Universe 2021 has now been won by  21-year-old, HarnaazSandhu from Punjab, who represented India at the 70th Miss Universe 2021, held in Eilat, Israel.

The new victory for India at the event, which was live-streamed throughout the world, comes 21 years after Lara Dutta was crowned Miss Universe 2000.

Sandhu earned the award from previous Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza of Mexico after defeating contenders from South Africa and Paraguay.

Paraguay and South Africa were first and second runner ups at the event, respectively.

In the top three round, the participants were asked, “What advise would you give to young women watching today on how to deal with the difficulties they face today?”

Harnaaz responded, “The biggest strain the youth of today face is believing in themselves, but you become lovely when you know that you are one of a kind. Stop comparing yourself to others and start talking about more significant topics that are going on in the world.

Come out and stand out for yourself, since you are the mastermind of your own life.

You are your own unique voice.

I believed in myself, which is why I am here now.

Harnaaz made it to the top three with her passionate response, which called for less talk and more action.

Harnaaz Sandhu’s statement on climate change was eye-opening.

When Harnaaz was asked, what she would do to persuade people, who believe climate change is a hoax, she surprised everyone by saying, “My heart breaks to see how nature is suffering through so many troubles. It’s all because of our irresponsible behavior and I really believe that we should act rather than talk now, because our every activity has the potential to rescue or destroy nature…”

Discussing how she prepared to represent India for the Miss Universe Crown, Harnaaz said, “I feel I am the only contender who has had the least amount of time to prepare, but the team has been working hard to bring the best version out of India. And I’m getting a lot of training, whether it’s in communication or confidently putting myself out there. I guarantee that you will enjoy the process – all of your hard work will not be in vain.”

Harnaaz began her beauty pageant career in 2017 with Times Fresh Face and was crowned Miss Universe India 2021 in October.

She has won several pageant titles, including Femina Miss India Punjab 2019, and has also appeared in a number of Punjabi films.

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