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Health Care Creation with a Vision

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The Fallout of COVID –

This pandemic has brought a long bundle of complications and challenges for us. We are facing locked, exercising social distancing, and almost every economic sector in the world is observing a negative trend. Stress and uncertainty related to finances, children, aged parents etc had taken a high toll not only on our mental and physical health but also on our routine lifestyle.

Rising above the crisis –

The community as a whole is working in tandem with each other to overcome this crisis. Individuals and organisations have started innovating ideas to solve our health-related issues.

Let’s take a glimpse who have turned this era of crisis into a bed of opportunities. Understanding the demands of a common man, they are providing us with quality health care with a vision which are of utmost importance.

1. Easy Care

Being a leading manufacturer and provider of health care devices and equipments in the country since 2008, Easy Care provides highest quality medical items which are of vital needs in the time of Covid. Its focuses on manufacturing premium quality product which are long lasting, safe, easy to use and lightweight.It is a FDA certified, ISO 9001 company. The brand is working towards the country vision for Atma Nirbhar Bharat.


Their product line includes:

Covid Suraksha Kit (which includes combo kit of – Pulse Oximeter + Infrared Thermometer + Disinfection Box + Hand Sanitiser Sachets + 3 Ply Face Mask + 5 Layered N95 Mask)
• Finger tip pulse Oximeter
• Hand Sanitiser Sachets
• UV Rays Disinfectant box with wireless charger
• 3 ply Medical Grade Disposable Mask
• 5 layered N95 mask
• Infrared Thermometer

For information visit our website: www.easycareglobal.com

2. KhoGo

A well-known name in the herbal care sector, KHO-GO is delivering superior herbal care products from last 60 years. Kho-Go, the name itself translates to ‘drive away cough’. Founded by Late Shri Murlidhar Mahadev Redkar, the company had grown from a small medical shop at Girgoan to an established brand, having more than 350 distributors all over the state.

The aim of the company is solely based on customer satisfaction and producing superior quality products with a vision at an economical cost.

Post lockdown, the business enterprise had adhered to their vision more diligently by taking due care in manufacturing all their products with more immune building herbal ingredient and solving health issues in a simple way.

Products offered –

Kho-Go Cough Pills – A complete Ayurvedic medicine to treat problems like sore throat, cough, throat irritation, throat inflammation etc. A relieving effect on all throat related problems. Made from 10 Ayurveda herbs like Dalchini, Shitalchini, Laving, Jestimadhu, Behda etc. It has No added Sugar and Menthol.

Key Benefits
• Reduces Dry / Wet Cough and Stops Coughing
• Stops Producing new Cough and pulls Mucus from Respiratory Tract
• Reduces Throat Inflammation / Irritation and Soothes Throat

Kho-Go Cough Syrup – This Ayurvedic cough syrup is a beneficial remedy for cough, Cold Bronchitis, sore throat etc without any side-effects. The Herbal cough syrup is made out of 15 natural herbs like Jestimadh, Tulsi, and Adulsa etc. It provides fast relief from respiratory tract disorder.

Now book your order at Amazon or www.khogo.in or whatsapp : 81081 30009

3. Ojamin Herbal –

In this jittery times, stress is evident for any human being. Stress and busy lifestyle often leads to many diseases like diabetes etc. Brand Ojamin is a one stop solution for all diabetics’ related issues. Its gives a holistic healing to the patients. Founded by Mr L.K. Tate in the year 1999, the company saw an incredible growth. It’s an ISO: 9001 certified brand and recipient of many awards and accolades. The company’s runs on the vision of maintaining exceptional quality ayurvedic products which not only will treat diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2), lifestyle diseases but also to create awareness about wellness of Ayurveda.

Benefits of Ojamin-

• Made of natural herbs so no worries about side effects.
• Its ash and steroids free.
• Helps in controlling blood sugar levels.
• Builds immunity.
• Its in liquid form so is easy to consume by patients.
• Helps in healing skin diseases and wounds.
• Many lifestyle issue like obesity, sinus, asthma, arthritis etc are also treatable.
• Improves digestion, eyesight and strengthens teeth and gums.

mail us at tateremedies@gmail.com or call us on 022-66310993, 9890890026.
website : www.ojaminherbal.net

4. Shekhar Eye Research

Remove your glasses without surgical risk with Orthokeratology and enjoy spectacle free normal life at Shekhar Eye Research, established in 1986 by Chandrashekhar Chawan world famous Optometrist & Ocularist currently practicing in Mumbai India and Orlando USA.

Pioneer in Myopia Control,  Orthokeratology, Scleral Lenses, Keratoconus, Dry Eyes, Mibomian Gland Dysfunction, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, Custom Made Artificial Eyes, Prosthetic RGP Scleral Lenses, C-Chrom lenses for colour blindness, Special effect lenses for film industry. Total treatment options for Keratoconus with special KeraCure techniques.


High myopia has high morbidity risk of losing vision due to Myopic Maculopathy, Retinal detachment, Glaucoma etc at an elder age. Act today to control myopia progression with MyoVision and AstiVision Myopia Control Spectacles, Mutifocal Contact Lenses, Orthokeratology and Other treatments options.

Aesthetic clinic at Shekhar Eye Research offers unique treatment option right from hair growth, hair removal, personality development and other cosmetic options.

Check out Oxygen Spa & Eye Spa for sparkling eyes, glowing skin for healthy you.

Check out unique products and buy online at https://chandrashekharchawan.com
For appointments https://shekhareye.com
Shekhar Eye Research 108 Falcon Court, Hari Om Nagar, Mulund (E), Mumbai 400081.
Email: shekhar@shekhareye.com Call: +91 9920362526

5. Dr Amarnath Upadhye

How do I look at Laparoscopic surgery after 35 yrs of practising it?
Laparoscopy, better called Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) is operation on the wall of the tummy or chest with very small holes. Surgery is the same, the approach is different.

The advantages of Minimal Access Surgery are

1. Small cosmetically better cuts
2. Less pain(not always)
3. Less time to get back to work
4. Low incidence of short and long term wound complications (infections, pus formation etc.)

Where is Minimal Access Surgery a distinct advantage?
1. Gall bladder, bile duct surgery.
2. Surgery for organs just below the diaphragm, i.e. Achalasia, hiatal hernia, early stomach cancer, weight loss surgery.
3. Surgery for organs in the pelvic cavity Rectal prolapse, rectal cancer,large bowel cancer, prostatic cancer, urinary bladder surgery.
4. Kidney surgery like kidney removal for cancer or non cancerous disease.
5. Large and small bowel surgery, appendicectomy.
6. Spleen, adrenal gland removal.
7. Gynaecological operations.

Where is the advantage less clear?

Groin hernias and other hernias where the postoperative pain and recurrence (hernia coming back) are quite comparable.

For further queries contact Dr Amarnath Upadhye on 9821070229/ 66868600
Or visit www.laparoscopyandheri.com
Consultant Laparoscopic, GI and Weight loss Surgeon:
Bellevue Hospital – 66868600, Critical (East) Hospital – 62316666,
Nanavati Hospital, Hinduja Healthcare Khar.

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