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Heart breaking video of boy carrying his dad on handcart to hospital goes viral

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A 6-year-old child was filmed pushing his ailing father to the hospital on a pushcart. The event occurred in Singrauli.

A viral video from Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli area shows a 6-year-old youngster attempting to convey his ill father to the hospital on a handcart. His mother is also accompanying him. People became enraged when they saw the father carrying the infant alone and launched a ferocious attack on the state authorities.

According to media accounts, the family had also requested an ambulance from the government hospital. When the ambulance did not arrive after 20 minutes, the family opted to drag the ailing guy to the hospital on a wheelbarrow.

In the popular video, a boy is seen tugging his father, who is laying on a handcart. His mother is likewise attempting to draw the handcart at the front end. That youngster is pressing from behind, and an ambulance can be seen outside the government hospital in the footage. Despite this, no assistance was sent. People lambasted the MP government after witnessing the video.

This video was published by a person called Shalini Singh from his account on the social media site Twitter. People became enraged after watching this video.

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