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Heeramandi Songwriter Slams Actors For Snatching All Credit, Appreciation & Money

Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar has been making headlines on a regular basis despite the fact that the series was released over a month back.

While earlier it was in news because of the performances of actors, now it is making headlines because of the Heeramandi songwriter AM Turaz who has shown no hesitation in slamming the actors for taking limelight and not crediting the technicians who worked relentlessly behind the camera.

AM Turaz gave an interview to a movie portal in which he said that the actors should talk about the songwriters in the interviews. Here’s what he said “If actors let the creators of the songs speak… The creators are not getting the appreciation that they deserve. Until the actors stop hogging all the limelight, you can’t create good things. Why did you work with them (directors, writers)? You write it yourself, who is telling you not to? You should credit them because not naming them is like snatching their credit away. And it is unfair.”

He also said that songwriters are not paid well which hampers their creativity, “In our industry, all the credit and the appreciation and the money is taken by them (actors). Because the creators are not given enough (credit and money), it affects their creativity and their next project suffers. When the creation is bad, the performances are also bad.”

What is your opinion on this matter? Do let us know.

Nitin Bhatnagar
Nitin Bhatnagar
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