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Monday, May 27, 2024

Here’ how you can access Google’s new AI chatbot Bard

After a long wait, Google has finally launched its chatbot, Bard, in India.  During Google I/O 2023, the tech giant said it will make Bard  available in over 180 countries including India.

By launching Bard in India, Google directly competing with  OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Google Bard AI chatbot is accessible in India via bard.google.com. The user will be informed that the chatbot continues to be tested.

Google will then provide the user with the option to ‘try Bard’. After hitting the button you will have  to agree to the Privacy permission to be able to access Bard.

Google had at first made Bard available only in US and UK. Indian users could not join the waitlist to use Bard.

Google has now made Bard available in India, but it still has inaccuracies. But, Google says it is still experimenting with Bard , and some of the responses may not be accurate. Hence it is only wise to double-check information in Bard’s responses.


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