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Here’s how a Chinese couple left Airbnb host with Rs.1.28 Lakh utility bill

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The Airbnb host now owes a couple who slept there $1,570 (about Rs. 1.28 lakh) since they left the taps running and the gas on. The visitors allegedly did this as a form of retaliation after being unable to cancel their reservation. To get even with the host, the Chinese couple came to South Korea and remained there for 25 days. The host, who the outlet named as Mr. Lee, incurred a massive utility bill as a result of the behaviour.

The issue started when the couple reserved the villa for their trip’s stay in Seoul. However, the location of the property is a suburb rather than the city’s core. The couple didn’t notice this until after they had already paid the whole sum.

Mr. Lee asserts that the pair handled everything on their own and didn’t contact him or Airbnb. To find out if there were any security cameras on the property, they first spoke with the host. They turned on as many taps, lights, gas, and electrical devices as they could after Mr Lee said there weren’t any.

The host said that the pair did not remain at the establishment but rather moved around South Korea. According to Mr. Lee, they only came back five times in 25 days, spending only five minutes each time. The gas provider notified Mr Lee about a considerable rise in use after the couple left. He thought there was a leak.

The windows were open and the gas was on when Mr Lee arrived at the villa. A $116 (Rs 9,506) water and power bill, a $730 (Rs 59,824) gas bill, and a $728 (Rs 59,660) “miscellaneous expenses” bill were sent to him.

He said that throughout their stay, the pair used more than 120,000 litres of water.

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