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Here’s how Yoboshu app helps users lose their weight

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The Yoboshu app, from Chandigarh, has created a four-month programme that teaches users certain behavioural strategies to help with long-term weight control and well-being.

Personal trainers, food journals, gym subscriptions, home exercise apps, fitness trackers ranging from watches and rings to armbands and even smart swim goggles—there is no shortage of weight-loss gadgets and programmes.

The essential term here is “assistance,” since none of these strategies will work until the behavioural difficulties connected with weight are addressed.

According to research, 80 percent of persons who lose a considerable amount of body fat are unable to maintain their new weight for a period of 12 months. Yoboshu, founded by Shivanshi Verma and Sandeep Kumar, has released a behavioural healthcare app that provides its customers with a customised weight reduction and mental healthcare programme.

According to its creators, the software teaches users how to lose weight without relying on diets or exercise.

You cannot go on a diet forever but may adopt simple skills and keep fit. These abilities are supported by scientific research and have been shown to assist people in losing and managing weight. Yoboshu, a fitness centre aggregator platform that encountered operational issues owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, was released in 2019.

In 2020, the creators relaunched Yoboshu as a diet and nutrition portal, reversing the bootstrapped company strategy.

By 2021, the pair had assembled a team of behavioural therapists, psychologists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, lifestyle coaches, and physicians to create a specialised “habit development” programme, which they debuted in March 2022.

The four-month “habit development” programme teaches participants a new habit each day that they must incorporate into their daily routine. After signing up, the app assesses the user’s body measurements, sleep pattern, stress levels or trauma, regular dietary patterns (triggers such as late-night snacking, boredom eating, stress eating, and so on), and overall body objectives.

It then asks readers to rate how much they connect to this on a scale of 1 to 10. It uses a similar activity evaluation to assess a user’s psychology in terms of habits and triggers.

Users must then spend 10 minutes every day on the app, where they will be offered reading material and enjoyable games to complete.

The goal here is to instil a new habit in consumers. These “habit-building exercises” are intended to be done in conjunction with daily activities. It is crucial to note that consumers are discouraged from combining an external professional diet plan with the Yoboshu programme since they may conflict with their techniques and ideas.

Shivanshi explains, “We have demonstrated weight loss benefits using the programme. You may efficiently reduce weight if you manage your time, portions, hobbies, and sleep.”

The program’s third major focus is on mental wellness and stress management.

At the start of the programme, each user is allocated an in-house health coach who monitors their daily progress and checks in with them to see whether they are implementing the skills, feeling stressed, or suffering with any other issue. According to the co-founder, the purpose of having a personal coach is to assist users in putting their abilities into practise through tiny efforts.

The firm presently has 11 in-house coaches and does not want to employ external resources since it wants to maintain quality control. Each coach can service around 90-100 people.

The software provides a 14-day trial period during which users can “pay what they want,” with a minimum payment of Rs 1.

The 120-day programme, which is available for life, is divided into two options: with and without a coach, and the charge varies accordingly. It costs a minimum of Rs 999 each month.

The app has over 2,000 registered users and over 9,000 downloads since its March debut. It intends to approach corporations and implement similar initiatives centred on mental health and chronic diseases.

The startup’s 11-person team is hoping to collect funding in the near future, as well as partner with platforms to reward its users.

This concept of accomplishing weight goals through behavioural modification is central to the ideology of Chandigarh-based healthtech firm Yoboshu Cares.

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