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How early diagnosis of asthma helps a child live a better and healthier life

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Over 8% of Indian youngsters suffer asthma, a common chronic disease. Dr. Pravin J. Mehta, a child specialist at Jack-n-Jill Nursing Home in Mumbai, says uncontrolled asthma can cause poor sleep, exhaustion, a long-term decline in lung function, and life-threatening asthma attacks, making it hard for children to participate in daily activities and affect their academic and social performance.

Early diagnosis of asthma symptoms allows for effective treatment options and education of parents and caregivers. Most children under five exhibit persistent coughing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and overnight respiratory awakenings, so parents should be vigilant in recognizing them.3. Early pediatrician consultation can profoundly impact the child’s health.

Best Treatment with the Right Diagnosis

Proper diagnosis helps distinguish asthma from other respiratory illnesses and personalize treatment. Pediatricians may use medical history, physical exam, and pulmonary function testing to diagnose asthma. Doctors use Peak Flow Meters and spirometry tests to evaluate airflow and see if inhaled medications can improve it, especially in children under five. Early diagnosis reduces mismanagement, drug use, and therapy delays and failure.

Customized Care for Better Control

Early paediatric asthma treatment focuses on symptom management and avoiding exacerbations. Maintenance and relief therapy are essential to asthma care. The goal is to use maintenance therapy exclusively and eliminate reliever medicines. Too much reliever treatment indicates poor asthma control. Inhalation therapy is the mainstay treatment for asthma5. Inhalation devices give medication directly to the lungs and airways, lowering dosage and side effects.

Inhalers with quick-acting medicine help manage asthma episodes.1

Child’s age, intensity of symptoms, triggers, and drug sensitivity are considered while creating tailored treatment plans. Preventive asthma management reduces ER visits, hospital stays, and healthcare costs.

Empowerment, education

In addition to helping the kid, early intervention in pediatric asthma gives parents and other caregivers the knowledge and skills they need to effectively manage their child’s illness. Families can better understand asthma triggers, medication use, and the value of an asthma action plan with the aid of asthma education programs. Asthma can have a negative influence on a child’s life, but empowered parents can spot early warning signs of the condition getting worse and respond accordingly.


Asthma is a prevalent chronic disease in children, affecting over 8% of children in India. Uncontrolled asthma can lead to poor sleep, exhaustion, lung function decline, and life-threatening attacks, impacting daily activities, academic performance, and social interactions. Early identification of asthma symptoms is crucial for effective treatment plans and informed parents and caregivers. Diagnosis is essential to differentiate asthma from other respiratory disorders and implement a tailored management strategy. Pediatricians may perform a thorough medical history evaluation, physical examination, and pulmonary function tests. Peak Flow Meters and spirometry tests are often used for children under five to assess airflow through the lungs and determine if it is reversible with inhaled drugs.

Customized care for pediatric asthma focuses on maintenance and relief therapies, focusing on eliminating the need for reliever drugs and relying solely on maintenance therapy. Inhalation therapy is the mainstay of treatment for long-term respiratory disorders like asthma. Plans for customized care consider the child’s age, symptoms severity, triggers, and sensitivity to drugs. Preventive asthma management reduces ER visits, hospital stays, and healthcare costs. Empowered parents can spot early warning signs of the condition worsening and respond accordingly.

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