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How expert game developer Harsh Panchal built publishing agency 2 am Thoughts

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Harsh Kumar Panchal was a game developer and fast rising Instagram star before he founded publishing agency 2 am Thoughts. It was  his passion for writing that led him to start the company.

The CEO of 2 a.m. thoughts, Harsh Kumar Panchal, has always wanted to work in the writing industry. After launching his Late Night Thoughts YouTube channel in 2017. With over 400 subscribers, his college friends supported him in his first step.

He was still unsatisfied; somewhere in his mind, he wanted to do something big. Then, in 2018, he founded Beyondo, an IT gaming company that offers social media development and logo design, but the rent was eating up all of their profits.

In 2019, he opened an Instagram account to express himself through quotes. He was able to see commendable progress within a few months. If you pursue one goal, another will fall by the wayside. His passion for words trumped his gaming ambitions. He continued his page, The 2 am Thoughts, after seeing the positive response and quickly gained popularity.

He gained the courage to organize a National Level Writing Contest, but the response was disappointing. Mr. Sumit, his friend and current COO of The 2 am Thoughts, supported him and joined the company. The next National level competition enrolment was more than 500 writers, thanks to their combined effort and strategy.

Every successful organization requires a dedicated team. Mr. Sumit, a person in whom Harsh can put his trust. He is a brilliant human with a passion for space. He holds over 80 certificates in various languages and technologies. What makes him strong is his acceptance of failures and problems.

Then they began recruiting team members for various departments. The team attempted singing and photography contests but were not successful. The team now worked around the clock to turn their writing into a publishing company.

They began with e-books and expanded. They released their first paperback book in 2021. Then there was no turning back; anthologies and solo books were published in droves.

There was no set budget or funding when they began.  Their perseverance and dedication are paying off. The 2 am Thoughts has now organized numerous National and International Writing Contests. Various judges, including IAS officers, Best Selling Authors, Ted Talk Speakers, and many eminent personalities from the judiciary, have been involved with the company.

They have an Anthology Desk page that is entirely dedicated to giving opportunities to aspiring writers by providing them with a variety of books to participate in. They can get their work published for less money and with less hassle.

They have separate pages for publishing and selling books called The 2 am Thoughts Publication and The 2 am Store. For many years, this has been leading and gaining the trust of people all over the world. Their bookstore sells books at reasonable prices. You can even sell your old books.

Mr. Harsh was a top student who could easily get a job in a large corporation but chooses to pursue his passion with his friend Mr. Sumit. Their upcoming venture will target college students.

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