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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

How ‘Momo Mami’ built a Rs 3.5 crore business from her love for momos

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Aditi Madan aka ‘Momo Mami’ started a venture due to her love for momos. The venture has now become a growing business worth Rs 3.5 crore.

While most of us would order momos if we are hungry for a snack, Aditi Madan, nicknamed ‘Momo Mami’, built a business out of it. She missed the traditional momos and thukpa from her Darjeeling home after marriage. She chose to explore because she wanted people to enjoy the actual and authentic Himalayan flavour.

Aditi gradually created her company BluePine Foods in 2016 after experimenting with frozen momos with a six-month shelf life. The brand focuses on making frozen dishes with authentic flavours.

The venture is now a thriving Rs 3.5 crore business. The young entrepreneur won many hearts and even received Rs 75 lakh in investment on Shark Tank this year. Till date, the brand has sold over 80 lakh items.


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