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How Piyush Somani built Rs. 172 cr ESDS Software Solution with 1,000 plus workforce from Rs. 35,000

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Piyush Somani started ESDS Software Solution Ltd with a Rs. 35000 investment. The business now clocks a Rs. 172 crore turnover and employs a massive workforce.

During his early years as an entrepreneur, Piyush Somani, who started a web hosting firm from a kindergarten, used to ride to his place of work on his father’s Hero Honda bike.

Piyush says, “I didn’t have my own automobile. So I’d wait for my father to get home from work and ride his bike to work.”

Piyush is the owner of ESDS Software Solution Ltd, which he formed in Nashik, Maharashtra, from Rs 35,000.

ESDS now employs over 1,000 people and provides webhosting, date management, and cloud security services to leading enterprises and banks in both the public and private sectors.

Piyush started his firm in 2003 after graduating from Amrutvahini College of Engineering, which is located roughly 60 kilometres from Nashik.

He had worked at a few companies before to founding his own.

Piyush explains that many of his family members, including his father, worked in banks – his father was a manager at State Bank of India – and that they would counsel him not to work in a bank and instead to create his own business.

But he ignored them and continued to work, but his meagre monthly compensation of Rs 2,500 in his second job made him reconsider his decision.

He was only 23 when he started his business at a kindergarten in Nashik with seven other buddies.

Piyush’s greatest strength is his self-belief.

Reading self-help books gives him motivation and confidence.

People tried to discourage him as he faced difficulties in his early years as an entrepreneur.

They advised Piyush that he was not capable of running a profitable business and that he should seek employment, but he continued to work hard and believe in himself.


Piyush had become a voracious reader of motivational books by that point, and he didn’t allow their taunts deter him from his goal of being a great entrepreneur.

During those trying times, his friends were there for him.

” “From March to September of 2006, the company went through an extremely difficult period and was on the edge of bankruptcy.

That year, he awarded the top-performing personnel.

” I adore my workers.

When my company began to expand in 2006, I purchased four vehicles (Maruti Swift) for our best performers,” Piyush recalls.

“I believe that if people are pleased and driven, the firm will develop as well.”

They are the foundation of my business.

“Today, ESDS has its headquarters in Nashik and offices in a variety of locations including Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, with notable clients like Tata Capital, Symphony, State Bank of India, and L&T Infotech.”

He also recommends that people who want to excel in life read books and make it a habit to read at least 20-30 pages per day.

“Wake up two hours early in the morning to study books if you don’t have time throughout the day, but read and put what you learn into practise,” says Piyush, a typical high school and college student.

“I used to get around 50% on my tests.”

In college, I was a well-known and naughty individual.

“I got into poor habits,” he admitted.

He didn’t have lofty goals; all he wanted was to get a job in a corporation and live a normal life like most people.

When he was in his third year of engineering, though, an experience transformed his life.

Two instructors at his institution encouraged him, telling him that he had leadership potential and that he should take his study seriously.

“They inspired me so much that I started spending more time on self-study,” Piyush recalls of his life-changing encounter. Piyush wants to use technology to make the world a better place to live.

He is married to Komal, who is in charge of human resources and other tasks at the company.

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