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Rejected by 50 firms Sampriti Yadav gives dream job tips after winning Rs 11 cr Google package

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Sampriti Yadav dreams for a high-paying job were realized when she got a Rs 11 crore package from Google. The Patna girl has now doled out several dream job tips.

A woman from Patna has won a dream job with technological behemoth Google. The adage “failure is the best teacher” rings true for 24-year-old Sampriti Yadav, who recently accepted a Rs 11 crore package from Google. But, Sampriti, had to overcome numerous obstacles before achieving this height of achievement.

Sampriti Yadav, who is currently employed at Google, had to attend over 50 interviews. “I used to get worried before interviews. My support system, though, — my parents and close friends – continuously urged me to do better. I spent hours researching large corporations. Most interviews with huge corporations are more like dialogues,” Yadav explained.

According to her LinkedIn page, Sampriti Yadav, who graduated from Delhi Technological University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree in IT, has been deployed in London as a software engineer. Yadav had a high-paying job with Microsoft during campus placements, but she continued to hunt for additional alternatives.

Yadav sent her résumé to Google and was called in for an interview.

After a nine-round interview, she received a job offer from Google. “I never anticipated I’d get such a big deal on the first try, but I’ve always had faith that I’d achieve something fantastic,” Yadav added.

Yadav stated that she had wanted to be an engineer since she was a child. She had a goal of becoming a software engineer in Class 12.

She used to study for up to eight hours a day, according to the woman. Her mother, a Master of Science (MSc) in mathematics, assisted her with the topic. Teachers and friends also encouraged her to improve.

Sampriti Yadav stated that her family was there for her when her tests or interviews did not go smoothly. When asked how she accomplished such a great milestone, Yadav stated, “We need always keep working hard. Our objectives should be set. It is not difficult to obtain if you work hard.”

Yadav enjoys watching plays and listening to music. She participated in debates and poetry contests as a student.

Yadav has now started a new chapter in her career with Google.

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