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How Rahul Misra’s experience with caretakers for his mom inspired him to build Rs 3.5 crore Vesta Elder Care  

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Rahul Misra’s experience hiring professional caretakers for his elderly mother at home exposed India’s dearth of adequate elder care, leaving many families feeling powerless and burdened.

Rahul realized change was needed after seeing his mother struggle to get care. He recognized a chance to solve India’s elder care crisis and fill a market vacuum.

In 2018, he started Vesta Elder Care, a Delhi home care service with a team of experienced healthcare specialists giving holistic healthcare solutions. The firm made Rs 3.5 crore today.

Vesta Elder Care provides caretakers, nurses, dieticians, high-quality medical equipment, ICU sets, lab testing, doctor consultations, and physiotherapy.

Rahul, who started with a four-person team, researched, collaborated with physicians and carers, and offered basic aged care packages despite having no healthcare background.

“It’s easy. “Our technology-enabled home healthcare platform matches the right caregiver with the patient and allows families to avail multiple services through our app,” says Rahul.

We link caregivers with patients depending on their needs. Vesta Elder Care provides ESI health coverage and pays them the state minimum salary. This fixes their uneven work and cheap salaries.”

Vesta Elder Care works with 100 physicians and physiotherapists in Delhi and Punjab to deliver online and in-person patient appointments. They work with Healthians for lab testing and Dial 4242 for emergency ambulances. “We’re forming more partnerships,” Rahul adds.

Rahul completed his GCSE and Advanced-Levels at Millfield School in Somerset, UK, after graduating from St. Columba’s School in New Delhi. BSc (Hons) in Banking and International Finance from City University, London.

Rahul opened a US-market evening gown and prom dress manufacture in 1998 after returning to India. He sold it after 15 years to start a new life.

Rahul completed many executive programs, including London School of Economics MBA Essentials.

He subsequently launched Tedco Education, which provides diploma courses in baking, culinary arts, and professional chef online. Tedco Education made 2 crore last year. Vesta Elder Care, with its concentration on seniors, is unique to him.

His current venture provides three options for patients and their families. Silver Care costs Rs 1999, Gold Care Rs 3999, and Platinum Care Rs 6999 per month (without taxes).

Each plan includes a specialized senior care manager, nurse visits, dietician and physiotherapy consultations, digital health records, lab test savings, and more.

“During the pandemic, we received over 600 calls daily from people who needed ambulances, healthcare professionals, and other medical assistance,” adds Rahul.

“While people had become more accepting of home healthcare services, we noticed that the elderly population had few options. Our app launched then.”

Vesta Elder Care registration is easy. Contact the team via Whatsapp or email. An Elder Care Specialist then examines the patient’s needs, visits the house, and creates an elder care plan.

Rahul says this technique makes caregivers and patients safer. Vesta senior Care’s online and offline processes also control the disorganized home healthcare market, which puts patients and families at danger of being misled by phony bureaus or agencies that deliver inexperienced senior caretakers or nurses.

Vesta Elder Care guarantees that their personnel has all the appropriate documentation and certificates, giving clients the peace of mind that they are in good hands.

My mother’s carers were unreliable. Rahul said they gave clients app logins to fix this.

Our software updates patient records while a son from another continent monitors a caregiver’s attendance. Pay via the smartphone app.

I wanted to streamline the process for everyone. “Having been through the worst, I don’t want any child or elder to feel helpless because they can’t find trustworthy medical caregivers.”

Over 1500 healthcare professionals now care for over 500 NCR elderly from a small team of carers. These elder care experts have helped patients for over 18,000 hours. From four to 30, the team now includes marketing, sales, technology, operations, and more.

Rahul is prepared to develop Vesta Elder Care, which has a turnover of Rs 3.5 crore and is on course to achieve Rs 10 crore in the next financial year, with a total investment of Rs 6 crore, including a seed money of Rs 3 crore from a London-based investor in 2021.

Rahul Misra and his colleagues define success by their beneficial influence on Indian families.

Rahul says, “We started in Delhi and extended throughout the NCR, including Sonipat and Panipat. “In a few years, we want to be in all the major metro cities.”


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