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How this 14-YO girl built organic perfume startup Bella Fragrances

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Aryahi Agarwal is a 14-year-old girl who founded organic perfume startup, Bella Fragrances. Aryahi launched a company upcycling used t-shirts into bags, when she was 11 years old.

Mumbai-based Aryahi Agarwal, a Class 9 student, is responsible for a few extra tasks. She is the 14-year-old founder of Bella Fragrances, an organic perfume business that promotes itself as a 100 percent organic perfume line for teens.

This is her second attempt at business. When she was 11 years old, she launched a company upcycling used t-shirts into bags. She won first prize in a competition for it.

Three years later, she launched her second firm. She feels the inspiration came from a need to acquire inexpensive perfume for herself.

The bulk of high-quality fragrances cost up to Rs 2,000, making them too expensive for a student to purchase on their own. She wanted to make something that her friends could afford without spending a fortune.

During the lockdown, she was seeking for a good scent. She has never been able to locate a scent that she can wear to school. The notes were either too old for her or had a strong flowery aroma.

This is how Aryahi got the idea to create an organic perfume and fragrance collection for adolescent females. Instead than depending on her mother’s collection, she decided to develop her own perfume.

She also desired to create something delicate enough to wear to school. Aryahi worked for six months on her business idea before launching it.

She was able to meet with a number of industry leaders and veterans, all of whom warned me not to enter the business. They informed her it was impossible to create an organic perfume in the price range she desired. As a result, there was no help from that source as well.

Handcrafted Organic Perfumes are included in each bottle. Aryahi spent over six months experimenting with essential oil mixtures before deciding on the optimal organic perfume formulation. Everything is handmade, and she develops all of her own recipes.

Each batch she produced, she handed to others to taste. Based on their comments, she fine-tuned the recipe at each stage.

When she had the concept, she had a ready testing group because her intended demographic was adolescents. Every few months, she would give her pals a bottle of perfume and solicit their opinions. They have given her the best, and maybe most important, advice she could have asked for.

Bella Organics and Bella Naturals are the two organic perfume perfumes that are currently available. Both cost Rs 599 for a 30-ml bottle. Bella Naturals comprises 21 notes, is gentle on the skin, lasts longer, and has a flowery aroma.

Bella Organics, on the other hand, has three notes, is gentler, and is mostly composed of rose. Each bottle has up to 80 spray counts and should last up to three months.

She has been getting orders since December 2021, and she has witnessed continual growth, resulting in a profit of over Rs 65,000. Her father had invested Rs 20,000 in her business at the outset, and she is pleased to report that she was able to quadruple that amount in less than three months.

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