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How to find a new business idea if you want to be an entrepreneur

Many people launch a business as they are not satisfied with their work life. Find out how to find a new business idea if you dream about being an entrepreneur.

The feeling of job satisfaction has led many to quit their jobs and create a successful business. But, you have to find a business idea and take calculated risks before you quit a job to start a business. The answer to the question ‘Where to Start’ if you want to become an entrepreneur will help you find the idea for your new business. That is what Jeff Bezos did before he found Amazon. This is the first article in a series of where we will find an idea for your new business to get you started.

Jeff Bezos had a lucrative career ahead of him, in 1994, when he was working on Wall Street. But he had aspired to be an entrepreneur since he was a child. Bezos worked for a technological firm after graduating from Princeton University. He went to work in the banking industry after the company failed. Bezos realised his entrepreneurial opportunity with the advent of the internet: Books!. The world knows the remaining part of Bezos’ amazing story. 

Bezos was well aware that he was an entrepreneur at heart. Does this sentiment ring true for you? Do you feel trapped in your job? Do you want to make a difference in the world while also having complete control over your life?

If you’re considering starting your own business, you’ll need to make one major decision: what your new company will do. Don’t be concerned; most people struggle with this element. Even Jeff Bezos went through a lengthy brainstorming process before deciding to sell books.

Starting this procedure might be frightening and intimidating. However, it becomes manageable, if you take it slowly and gradually. You’ll have an excellent idea that you’re passionate about before you know it.

You must develop an idea that addresses three important questions before starting a business:

What do you excel at?

What do you enjoy doing?

What gives you a sense of accomplishment?

If you have the answer to these questions, you have got the idea for your new business.

But remember, an idea is not the only thing you need to have before you quit your job to become an entrepreneur. You also need to know the steps to create a business with which you can achieve job satisfaction. We will show those steps in a later article.


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