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Husband Eats Brick-Like Brownies Made By Wife, What Happens Next Is Adorable

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The relation of husband and wife works well and lasts long only when there is love, respect and mutual admiration from both the sides. At one fell swoop, they should also appreciate the efforts made by their partner for making them happy.

Aazman Bhathela and Divya Upadhayay, a lovely couple from Dubai, got married few months back; while Aazman works on aircrafts, Divya works as a digital creator.

Recently, Divya thought of surprising Aazman by cooking brownies for him but the brownies were a little hard than expected. However, she still chose to present them to Aazman and what happened next was quite adorable.

In a video which is going viral, Aazman is seeing trying the brownies and Divya’s reaction is also something which you just can’t miss.

Aazman tells that his wife has made brownies for him for the first time and then he bangs brownies on the plate. Those brownies were rock solid and there was no effect on them even after getting banged on the glass plate. Subsequently, Aazman took a bite of the brownies and called them nice and crunchy.

Here is the video:

Soon netizens reacted and praised Aazman for trying brownies and appreciating his wife’s efforts:

This is really cute, isn’t it?

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