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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Hustle, hit and never quit. The living legend Mr Dhanraj Pillay celebrates his birthday with MG Gloster.

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MG Mumbai wishes a Happy birthday to The Legendry, Padma Shri Awardee, International Hockey Player and Former Captain of the Indian National Hockey Team Mr Dhanraj Pillay who has been a Weaving past defenders with ease, slick skills and an extremely capable leader, he is also the only Hockey player to have taken part in 4 World Cups, Olympic Finals, Champions Trophies and Asian Games each.
It was indeed an honour for Ms Nidhi Modi– Director MG Mumbai, to hand over the keys of the India’s First autonomous level- 1* premium suv The MG GLOSTER.
It isn’t just another car; it’s a car that thinks only about you. Your safety, your comfort. All the time. With its many intuitive features and personalization options, it remembers what you like and want. It adapts and adjusts for you. When you take it for a spin, it looks out for you, doesn’t let you drift away or get in a tight spot. All it thinks about is, how you drive. What’s ahead of you? What could be your next move? One could say that the GLOSTER has just one thing on its mind. You. What would you call such a car? At MG, we call it the selfless car.

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