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For Azeez Abdulla, Amma is an unusual Spiritual Guru with divine serenity

A renowned author from Kerala has formed a strong bond with Indian spiritual leader, Mata Amritanandamayi, after he got the opportunity to meet our Hugging Saint “Amma”.

Azeez Abdulla treasures the bond and seeks the blessings of Mata Amritanandamayi, as he sees Amma as a motherly lady.

Mata Amritanandamayi, affectionately called Amma, guides and inspires all those who seek the essence of life.

Azeez says Amma is a spiritual leader who has an unconditional love for others and seeks Amma blessings.

Amma is a spiritual leader, guru, and humanitarian. She is the founder of The Mata Amritanandamayi Math, a global charitable organization.

Amma is also known as the “Hugging Saint” as she hugs her followers and showers them with blessings. She is one of the few spiritual leaders in human history who has sacrificed her life tirelessly to endeavor peace and tranquillity to people. Due to this, Amma has countless followers across the world.

After hearing about Amma, Azeez always wanted to know why Amma has such a large following.

Azeez came to know about Amma from a range of sources who spoke highly of her spiritual and humanitarian presence. This presence has been highly regarded since years.
Azeez remembers the remarkable day he met Amma in Calicut. During the meeting, such a strong bond was created that he calls it a memorable day in his life.

Amma’s elegance and motherly love touched the Kerala-based author’s heart. The glorious words that she spoke moved him thoroughly. Azeez was also moved to see Amma listening to the woes of Amma followers and healing their grievances during the time he spent in Amma presence.

Azeez also received an invitation to Amritapuri Ashram as a guest, which he graciously accepted. The Kerala-based author then returned to Amritapuri to experience Amma’s grace and seek Amma blessings again. During the visit, Azeez received such a warm welcome that it made him feel like a close follower or family member. Azeez spent exclusive time with Amma, who told him about Amma life’s various phases and spiritual journey.

It was beyond Azeez’s imagination to witness Amma maintain divine serenity for over 24 hours while remaining committed to liberating those who had been suffering.

Despite of some rumors that exist about Amma, all that Azeez could see is the unconditional love she has for others. According to the Kerala-based author, Amma uses the power of love to create a difference and transform human minds from various walks of life.

Azeez says, “All I could see is the utmost motherly love of Amma who has touched the distressed and healed with benevolence. With the grace of spiritual insight, Amma addressed every question with a bestowed smile. What I felt was the ideology which Amma values by creating a difference and transforming human minds from different walks of life with the power of love.”

Azeez is the author of a new biography of PM Modi, called My Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is also a Good speaker, social worker and politician.


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