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Hyderabad virus: Acute respiratory disease spreads in Hyderabad; Know  how to protect

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Hyderabad virus: In Hyderabad, acute viral respiratory illnesses resembling the swine flu, adenovirus, and influenza are now being reported.  As it spreads across the state, the virus affects sick children and adults.

Experts say the strange illness has a 100% recovery rate and is not a threat. Additionally, patients recover in 4-5 days. According to the most recent official data on ILI-SARI (influenza-like illness-severe acute respiratory illness), H3N2 infections make about 50% of respiratory illnesses. Even though there was a noticeable increase in Covid-19 infections until May 7, no new cases of the highly infectious virus had been reported in the previous few weeks until the week of August 27.
signs of the unidentified respiratory virus

1.Throat ache, runny nose, and fever
2. Body Pain and Dry Cough
3. Having trouble breathing

The experts believe 1% to 2% of these persons experience respiratory failure. Medical doctors say the symptoms may start in the upper respiratory system and move to the lower. Dengue, swine flu H1N1, avian flu H3N2, and influenza A and B have also caused false positives. Mystery virus has structural similarities to known viruses.

Protection against the unknown respiratory virus

1. Observe a social distance
2. vaccination against the flu
3. Sanitization
4. Instant seclusion

Taking care of the unknown respiratory virus

The specialists said that the physicians are treating patients symptomatically and that they are responding well. Medical experts treat respiratory failure with oseltamivir. After healing, patients should keep hydrated and socialize.


Hyderabad has a severe respiratory virus. As it spreads across the state, the virus affects sick children and adults. The unknown disease has a 100% recovery rate, so don’t worry. Patients recover after 4-5 days. H3N2 causes 50% of respiratory diseases. A sore throat, runny nose, fever, bodyache, dry cough, and breathing issues are symptoms. 1-2% of patients have respiratory failure. The use of a N95 mask, avoiding close contact with sick people, keeping a social distance, getting the flu shot, sanitization, and urgent isolation are all examples of prevention strategies. Oseltamivir, an antiviral medication, is being used by doctors to treat respiratory failure patients, and they also advise them to stay hydrated and avoid isolation until they have fully recovered.

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