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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Ameesha Taunts Anil Sharma, “He Pushed Son Utkarsh In Gadar2 But Sunny & I Stole The Show”

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Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel starrer Gadar 2 has been breaking many records and going great at the box-office. However despite blockbuster earnings and superb performances of the actors, the film has been making headlines for some controversial reasons too.

Earlier Ameesha targeted director Anil Sharma for mismanagement and accused him of not paying the dues of the technicians on the sets. Anil Sharma also reacted to it later on and told his side of the story. Now in a latest media interaction, Ameesha talked about her previous statements and also revealed that she never shared a cordial bond with Anil Sharma.

Speaking about her rift with the director, Ameesha Patel says, “A lot of people have been asking me about my relationship with Mr. Anil Sharma. So here is my answer to all. Our relationship was never good, even during Gadar 1, but he’s family to me and always will be. Like all family members, we don’t always get along, but we’re still family. That’s our bond.”

Ameesha also disclosed that Anil preferred the pair of Govinda and Mamta Kulkarni for Gadar but Zee wished to cast Sunny Deol. She said, “But Zee wanted Sunny. So yes, his and my choices are poles apart. Zee Studios and Sunny have always been the reason for me to do Gadar. The script, which was written by Shaktimanji, as Anilji always says, also, it was Mr. Shaktiman who created Sakina, not Anil Sharma.”

Ameesha further calls Utkarsh a very sweet boy but at the same time, she takes a dig at Anil Sharma for pushing his son in Gadar 2 and adds that despite all the efforts of the director, Tara and Sakina stole the show in the end.

She said, “I feel bad for Anilji since he tried to push his son Utkarsh a lot in Gadar 2, but eventually, Tara and Sakina stole the limelight.”

Ameesha also stated, “Utkarsh is a very sweet boy, and I got him into the industry, and his father is very sweet to keep promoting him. Let’s hope some bigwigs from the industry start signing Utkarsh, as he’s a sweet boy and no boy would like to only be signed by his dad.”

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