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Hyderabad’s Pradham Dental Offers Invisalign Braces At an Unbelievable Price

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There is good news for the residents of Hyderabad, who want to re-align crooked, crowded, or wide-spaced teeth with the newest type of braces- The invisible braces or the clear aligners. With state-of-the-art Invisalign technology, Pradham dental at Manikonda, Hyderabad offers incredible discounts and facilities such as an in-house digital scanner and Invisalign free digital scan to provide you a perfect smile for the first time in the city of Pearls.

Invisible braces are the new evolving method to get your dental imperfection corrected. These types of braces are preferred over the traditional type of braces because of their manifold benefits. First and foremost being its invisible appearance (without metal wires or brackets) and high success rates that allow you the chance to have a perfect smile without feeling awkward. Moreover, it put gentle pressure on your teeth, has low diet restrictions, and removability feature (Easy to brush and floss your teeth while eating or before a meeting). Lastly and most importantly there won’t be much irritation of gums & cheeks.

According to Dr Ashok Chandra, the CMD of Pradham dental Clinic,” We have a patient-centric approach. That’s the reason we try to provide affordable dental care without compromising in standard of treatments. Crafting an individual’s oral health and architecting the smiles of each and every person is my top-most priority. The Invisalign treatment is boon in oral care segment.”

With their in-depth experience, the clinics’ orthodontists try to bring out better treatment outcomes. They will create a customized treatment plan for an individual by taking impressions of your teeth using a 3-D digital scanner. After mapping out different stages of teeth positioning, customized aligners are made out of BPA-free plastic material.

The most outstanding feature about this whole Invisalign process is the digital scanning. This in-house scanner will keep your visits to a minimum, making the treatment progress quite comfortable. This facility by Pradham Dental clinic is introduced for the first time in Hyderabad.

Again, this type of scanning helps you to avoid exposure to any radiation. Instead, it uses laser beams to capture the images in high graphic resolutions to get accurate impressions of your teeth. This results in fewer consultations and faster delivery of your Invisalign treatment plan and aligners.  You are saved from multiple visits for adjustments to the clinics during this time of the pandemic.

Dr Chandra, the expert surgeon of Pradham dental, adds that people believe that invisible braces are a very costly affair compared to the traditional metal braces. They are correct in a way, but they don’t recognize the long-term advantage associated with such modern techniques. Going for suitable quality braces will ensure faster treatment and recovery period. Also, due to the use 3-d scanning and flexible material, the price of invisible braces has seen a cost decline. The management has come up with Rs 15000 lucrative offers on all Invisalign treatments with no-cost digital scans to make things more affordable and pocket-friendly to users.

Invisalign braces are ideal for people who need little to reasonable teeth rotation, more minor dental problems, or realignment with widely spaced gaps less than 6mm or 0.25 inches. Further, people who are self-disciplined and will follow every instruction carefully. 

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