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Saturday, June 3, 2023

“I Am Scared To Talk, People Call My Daughter Bi*ch,” Says Suniel Shetty

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The social media platforms are filled with many people whose ultimate aim is to troll others, especially the celebrities because they know that no action could be taken against them and they can mock anyone as much as they want.

This has certainly made the social media a risky place to be on and recently the actor Suniel Shetty who is known for sharing his thoughts in a fearless manner is now afraid of saying anything. In fact, he even accepted that he is hurt because of some unknown trollers who say bad things not only about him but about his family members as well.

While speaking on a podcast, the “Hera Pheri” actor says that there is no privacy left in today’s time due to the social media and lives are also getting destroyed because of this. He adds that he is afraid to say anything because one sentence is changed or edited 15 times and the comment made by an actor is put in a completely different light than what the actor actually meant to say.

He further states that actors are being diplomatic because faceless trolls mock them. He adds that he is quite hurt because people call his daughter Athiya Shetty a bi*ch and call bad names to her mother too. However, Suniel Shetty also makes it clear that he is not going to keep quiet because h

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