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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

ICC’s Top Bosses Didn’t Respond To Female Staffer’s Harassment Complaints & Letters

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A good environment and work culture is the right of every employee and it is being expected from the big and global organizations that they put such a system in place that no employee gets harassed or exploited by their seniors or influential people but it seems that the apex cricket body of the world is failing badly in this regard.

As per the reports, a female employee of the International Cricket Council has made an official complaint to a top official of the ICC about getting harassed by another senior official but instead of sending an email, she has preferred to submit a handwritten complaint. A source told a cricket portal, “She feared her emails could have been tracked by the influential people in the ICC so she went the old-timer way. The entire complaint was typed and printed on an A4 size paper and submitted to a senior ICC official in person.”

What is shocking is that not even a single person from the top brass has responded on this complaint and no one has even taken the pain to have a word with this female employee who is working at the ICC headquarters in Dubai. The source further revealed, “The employee wasn’t a new one at the ICC. She has worked for a considerable amount of time and also worked on a project ahead of the T20 World Cup in UAE. The constant interference at work and then no response to multiple reminders or emails or letters did her any good as no one in the ICC ever had a dialogue with her.”

This is not the first time that allegations of harassment have been made against the concerned top ICC official, here is what the source further revealed, “It was always going to be difficult for her to fight against such a big institution and then especially the people part of the senior leadership. Then there was always the fear of future professional opportunities being affected by the events that unfolded at the ICC. This complaint isn’t the first time someone has raised a voice against that ICC official.”

Well, this is really very sad to see that such things are happening in the ICC, what do you say? 

Nitin Bhatnagar
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