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“If I was a Teacher, I wouldn’t be a Business Woman,” Says MUA Neha Singh 

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” – Robert Kiyosaki 

Anyone can be an artist but it needs blood and sweat to become an expert in it. Getting compensated to go the entire day contemplating excellent patterns, trying different things with various looks, and working with fantastic clients makes being a makeup artist a seriously amazing line of work. 

Located in the heart of Lucknow, Divyanjali Makeup Studio is the best make-up studio in town. The highly experienced team offers a variety of makeup including bridal makeup. Founded and owned by Ms. Neha Singh, the studio is a hit among the beauties for providing the best cosmetics services, changing your look, and ensuring that you are looking incredibly lovely on your big day and all through the matrimonial functions. Divyanjali Makeup Studio Artist grasps your requests and furnishes you with the cosmetics that come well with your wedding outfit, ensuring that you look generally like a delightful princess.

Being India’s one of the best Makeup Studio, the students are trained by experienced professionals in makeup, and nails by “Ms. Neha Singh.” She started her makeup studio in 2016 with the intention and motto of transforming the way a woman looks. With hours and hours of dedication towards her passion, she has become successful as one of the best makeup artists in Lucknow as well as in India. With the continuous efforts of her passionate and professional team, Neha has been honored with 8 awards to date. 

From A Teacher By Profession To A Passionate Makeup Artist 

After completing her B.Ed. M.Ed and M.A. in English, Neha dreamt to become a teacher. The credit of her success goes to her efforts to become a teacher which didn’t work for her. Sharing about her struggles after graduation, she says, “If I would have become a teacher, I would not have become a businesswoman, well once with my husband I met a CA who was working with his construction firm. So while sitting in the car looking at a makeup studio, my husband, Deepak Singh, asked me to try my luck in this field, and without a second thought, I said yes. For a few days, I went to a professional center and took training in which nothing useful was taught. As I am keen to know and learn about makeup I watched a lot of videos related to makeup tutorials by makeup artists on youtube overnight.” 

Making Dreams A Reality 

Talking about the first steps that brought her dreams to life and the challenges which made her a better person, Neha shares, “even if I have joined a job somewhere, I could do it only for a week because they wanted a pedicurist, not a makeup artist. Then in a small house in Lakshmanpuri, I opened an outlet with 2 rooms and 3 staff members and I told them, you have to earn your salary yourself.” 

“Well, the work started, got some boards made for the ads, which were mounted on the poles, after that the ad company itself called the municipal corporation and got my boards confiscated so that I can get the new boards made again, well I got them made again.” 

Flying With Her Wings Amidst Challenges 

Initially, it was a challenging task for Neha to come up with something new however, she didn’t stop herself from trying out her luck. She kept working to her best capability, and the work began. As Divyanjali started the journey, arranging the funds became difficult for Neha as there were already established make-up brands in the city roaring as lions. That was a time when Neha learned to manage her money wisely and started the studio with 3 chairs. However, she believed in herself and always worshipped the goddess Durga. Eventually, Divyanjali became the talk of the town as clients loved the qualitative services. After 2 years, one day she got struck by an idea to open a new and bigger center. This is when she came up with Divyanjali’s Indiranagar branch, and then the Mahanagar branch. 

Neha shares, “It was the time when the biggest challenge for us was the shortage of good staff, and from where to hire them. We thought a lot on it and came with an idea to open a Makeup Academy which has emerged as the biggest makeup academy in Lucknow city. At the Makeup Academy, the students go through an intensive training with rigorous practice and then we hire our best students as our employees for the Divyanjali Makeup Studio.” 

With an ardent team of over 60 competent employees working tirelessly, now Divyanjali Makeup Studio has been changed from Divyanjali Makeup Studio Beauty Salon to Divyanjali Makeup Studio Private Limited Company. 

A Piece of Advice For New Makeup Artists 

Neha also shared about her future plans for the Divyanjali family and that she will be coming up with new centers in more cities to serve her customers across the nation. 

Neha’s advice for budding make-up artists 

– Make your clients feel wanted and respected. Listen to what your clients want. 

– Invest in good quality cosmetics brands. Good products give good results. 

– Client assistance is everything.

– Being dependable, open, and agreeable is fundamental.

– How you introduce yourself is similarly significant. Be confident, groomed, professional, and respectable. Your personality represents your work. 

Neha says that at the point when you are initially beginning in the business it tends to be difficult to construct a unit on a tight spending plan however proficient brands really do offer good deals and discounts for students and professionals. 

Being an eminent makeup artist Neha Singh started her journey as a makeup artist in Lucknow and has left her imprint all over India. Today she is known as the best makeup artist from Lucknow who loves to transform people with overwhelming joy in her heart, and friends and family close by are prepared to break all the unreasonable impediments on their way up. Neha Singh is a genuine illustration of what Indian ladies can do when she intends to accomplish something throughout everyday life. She is a spouse, a mother, and a makeup artist. 

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