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IIT Madras partners with AARDO for online training course on public healthcare

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IIT Madras is conducting an online training course on public healthcare. People from 18 member countries in Asia and Africa are participating in this AARDO-sponsored program.

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) has collaborated with the African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO) to deliver an international online training programme on “The Role of Innovative Primary Healthcare (PHC).”

This programme, which runs from March 22 to March 25, 2022, is attended by around 150 persons from 18 Asian and African member nations. The key goals of the training programme are to address the state of PHC in AARDO member countries, with an emphasis on India. Other goals include discussing the development of primary health care capacity in a variety of settings in India, elucidating the role of the public and private sectors in PHC in India, and learning how Indian best practises might be reproduced other AARDO member countries.

The training programme is organised by IIT

Madras’ office of global engagement and is sponsored by AARDO.

“As a result of the COVID pandemic, economies have been destroyed, and the impact is higher in rural areas of Africa and Asia,” said Dr Manoj Nardeosingh, secretary-general of AARDO, speaking remotely at the opening session on Tuesday.

Poverty, climate change, and hunger are just a few of the concerns that science and technology can help with.

It is critical to use science and technology to create an egalitarian healthcare system that provides comprehensive care to all people, particularly those living in rural areas.”

Dr. J Radhakrishnan, IAS, principal secretary to the government, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Tamil Nadu government, discussing Tamil Nadu’s PHC experience.

Dr. Radhakrishnan remarked.”Covid-19 taught the government of Tamil Nadu to never compromise on public healthcare. One of the primary difficulties in public healthcare that must be addressed is the requirement for healthcare programmes to be flexible.

While there is a need for skilled professionals to carry out public healthcare programmes, around 35% of the staff are on a contract basis.

We will also have to address this issue.”

Dr. Radhakrishnan added, “Tamil Nadu was the first state to recognise the need of public healthcare.”

The first Sanitary Commissioner was appointed in 1897, and the State Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine was established in 1923.”

Dr. TS Selvavinayagam, director of Public Health and preventive medicine for the Tamil Nadu government, also spoke on the occasion, saying, “The Tamil Nadu government has been working on digitising numerous sectors of public healthcare.”

The primary problem is that these concepts must be implemented in accordance with field conditions.”

AARDO is an intergovernmental organisation that fosters collaboration among African and Asian countries and works toward goals such as hunger, illiteracy, and poverty eradication.

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