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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Immortal Game to expand into India, US, other key markets after $12M funding

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Web3chess startup and marketplace Immortal Game has secured $12 million in funding.  The company will use the money to expand its business into India, US, and other key markets and fast-track its product development.

Immortal Games, a web3chess startup and marketplace, has secured funding of $12 million. The round was led by TCG crypto, as well as Cassius, Sparkle Ventures, Greenfield One,  Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman’s 35V, Kraken Ventures, Blockwall, and Spice Capital.

Immortal Game will use the funds to expedite product development and expand into major areas such as India, the United States, and Europe.

The firm, founded in March 2021 by Thomas Zaepffel, David Cingala, and Geoffroy Mestrallet, secured $3.5 million in investment earlier this year, co-led by Cassius and Greenfield One, and backed by GFC, Moonfire, Kraken Ventures, Kima Ventures, BlackPool DAO, and Blockwall.

Immortal Game, a blockchain-powered chess game, is being developed in conjunction with and for the committed chess community.

It intends to improve the gaming experience for the world’s online chess players, who presently play over 20 million games each day, by using web3 and next-generation digital assets.

TCG Cofounder and Partner Jesse Jacobs. stated ” The team at Immortal Game is exceptional, its product is outstanding, and the vision is motivating. We’re pleased to work with Thomas, David, and Geoffroy as they create new and interesting gaming experiences for enthusiastic communities.”

Thomas Zaepffel, CEO of Immortal Game, stated,  “A tipping point has been achieved in the deployment of blockchain technology for consumer gaming.Chess is a centuries-old game that may benefit from modern technology, retaining its past while gaining a new audience. We are thrilled to have the backing of 50 Grand Masters as we continue to expand the scope of this wonderful game.”

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