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Ind vs Aus: Here’s what will happen if the WTC Final ends in a tie

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Beginning on June 7, the WTC Final between India and Australia will take place. But what if the Test game is tied? Find out the answers to such questions in this article.

Ind vs Aus WTC Final: India and Australia are scheduled to square off in the World Test Championship final, which begins on June 7. The summit matchup between the two best Test cricket teams will take place at The Oval in London, and it is anticipated to be a thrilling contest. The Kiwis, headed by Kane Williamson, won the competition when India and New Zealand squared off in the championship match of the first edition.

The outcome of that game, which was plagued by continuous rain during the game, was narrowly achieved on the reserve sixth day of the Test match. The weather is always a concern because the game will be played in England (London), and even this time, the overhanging clouds may decide the outcome. The game may even finish in a tie if persistent ran takes hold. The current ICC regulations then come into play. Here is all you need know about the summit clash’s regulations before the WTC Final:

What time is the WTC Final supposed to happen?

The World Test Championship Final between India and Australia will begin on June 7.

Where is the location of the WTC Final?

The WTC Final will take place at The Oval in London.

What would happen if it rains during the World Team Championship Final?

In the following days, the umpires would strive to make up for the lost time. The reserve day will take effect to make up solely the lost time if the lost time is not made up. On the reserve day, a certain number of overs will be played.

What will happen if rain cancels the WTC Final for a whole day?

For instance, if the second day of the WTC Final is completely canceled due to rain, the umpires will make up the lost time over the following three days. The remainder of the time will be used on the reserve day in an effort to eke out a result.

What will happen if the five days without rain result in a tie in the WTC Final? Will the reserve day be used?

No, Reserve Day won’t begin until one of the five days of action is interrupted. Without any help from the weather, if the game is a draw, reserve day will not be used.

If the WTC Final ends in a tie, what will happen?

Both teams will be declared winners, if the WTC Final ends in a tie.

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