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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Indian teen hired by US firm for Rs. 33 lacs loses job because he’s too young

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A 15-year-old boy from India bagged a job with a US-based company. But, the firm took away the job from the teen after it learned about his age.

Vedant Deokate, an Indian boy, was scrolling through his Instagram account on his mother’s old laptop when he came across a link to a website development competition.

He entered the contest and completed his task in about two days, writing over 2000 lines of code. The best news was that he had won the competition and gotten his dream job. The adolescent was paid Rs 33 lakh per year.

The firm in New Jersey offered the teen a position on the HRD team. He had to delegate tasks and manage the coders. Unfortunately for Vedant, the offer was withdrawn after the firm discovered he was only 15 years old.

However, the company asked Vedant not to be disappointed and to contact them after completing his education.

Vedant’s job application was selected from among 1000 from around the world. Vedant had created a website, animeeditor.com, that allows users to upload videos similar to YouTube, as well as blogs, vlogs, a chatbot, and a video watching platform.

By designing a radar system model, the adolescent also won a gold medal in a science exhibition at his school, Narayana e-techno, Wathoda.

Vedant’s parents are assistant professors, and they forbid him from using a laptop so that he does not neglect his studies. His parents are now purchasing a new laptop for him after learning of the job offer from the school.

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