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India’s 1st Female Bike Song from Odisha on Independence Day

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A spectacular music video setting new benchmarks in story-telling from the team of ‘Aigiri Nandini’ and ‘Prithvi Manthan’ produced by Auromira Entertainment.

Continuing their tradition of breaking new grounds with every song, Singer Susmita Das and Director Dev Meher from Auromira Entertainment have delivered another sensational piece of Music Video. The ‘Lady on a Journey’ concept has been given a fresh twist with ‘Girl on the Bullet’ treatment taking us through some of the most spectacular visuals ever seen. They take us through rivers, mountains, coffee gardens and ever-bending highways captured lusciously like mainstream cinema. But the joy of the music video is a beautifully fluttering butterfly of a story. It is sweet, gentle, deep and warm.

A woman wakes up disoriented in the middle of the night after a traumatic incident. She is haunted sleepless by the question: Is she free? Is she herself? The woman is in an abusive relationship. While flipping through her old pictures, she is struck by who she used to be. Abruptly, she picks the bullet lying in her garage and leaves on a road trip.

In her journey, she meets some old acquaintances, strangers with familiar smiles and unfamiliar terrains. Through various metaphors which echo with our practical life, She gradually recovers herself internally. 

‘Nua Thikana Ku’ literally translates to ‘Towards a New Destination’. Coming on Independence day, this is a true-blue Indian Song helmed by a brilliant team from Odisha. Gloriously shot like a tourism video but emotionally rich and poignant, this narrative unfolds stylishly.

Long after you have viewed the music video, the message and the cinematic depiction stays with you.

Composed by Abhijeet Mishra, This Susmita Das Song has been penned soulfully by Mohit Chakraborty. Well-known actress Suryamayee Mohapatra has performed the role of ‘The Bullet Girl’.

Singer Susmita Das said, “I like to create songs on contemporary social issues to sensitize public sentiment as I believe music is the most powerful medium to reach out to the masses. The music serves as a reminder to all women that one’s identity must be retained and valued at all costs.”

Director Dev Meher said, “Besides being a 1st of its kind music video, the experience of watching is entirely emotional and personal. I think just about anyone with a beating heart will love it.”

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