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Man who owns business with Rs.150 crore turnover was an engineering dropout

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There is no denying the fact that education is important.However, you should become more educated  to increase your knowledge rather than to earn more money.

In truth, many people have quit their studies in the middle, either by choice or because of some difficulties, only to become well-known later in life.

Despite the system’s flaws, intellectual and educational achievements are held up as barometers of one’s abilities. For many years, a successful business style required nothing less than a diploma from the most prestigious institutes. What should every prospective business owner do? Should they invest a lot of money on a fantastic level that they would never use?

Even the brightest among us may be bewildered by this “challenging stereotype” circumstance, but you may be able to better understand with the story of a dropout who is now a well-known businessman.

Jimmy Mistry’s small business that he started with a very small capital of Rs 20,000 and a staff of two, is now one of India’s recognised companies, employing 2000+ people and generating more than Rs. 150 crores in revenue. Jimmy also speaks at prestigious forums

Jimmy grew up in a modest Parsi family for which his father slogged as a salesman for over 30 years. Jimmy left his engineering studies in the middle of to pursue a career as an entrepreneur.

It was 1991, when he sold his bike and saved Rs 20,000/- to start his first business which was of pest control services.

His persistent efforts garnered him good business and a good reputation; his company soon began receiving questions about plumbing and other household needs. This led him to diversify in other household needs.

It didn’t take much time for him to realise the potential of the luxury furniture market and teamed with a few Italian firms to bring luxury furniture to India.

His company quickly launched its first showroom in Mumbai, as well as subsidiaries in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and other cities.

He also established a branch in Dubai in order to expand worldwide.

Jimmy’s competence in luxury furnishings landed him many contracts, and he ruthlessly scaled his business.

Jimmy continued to research and learn as his business expanded. He quickly established himself as one of India’s foremost designers. His company, “Della Technica,” dabbled in practically everything related to luxury. To venture into hospitality, he invested into luxury real estate in Mumbai and established the well-known Della Adventure Park in Lonavala, Maharashtra.The Della adventure park is unique as it is made up of  many hotels, suites, villas, spas, and other amenities.

Jimmy also established one of India’s largest interior product showrooms, showing interior design for homes and offices.

Jimmy is also frequently invited to speak about ‘Designs’ at many prestigious forums.

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