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India’s most Admirable Longevity physician: Dr Ameed Murad leads the way to Reverse Aging and Diseases

A Modern Doctor powered by 450+ Years Of family legacy, anti-aging & disease reversal specialist is followed by millions of patients world over. His pro-poor, impartial attitude, benevolent activities have contributed a lot in making him a beloved physician.

With a team of doctors & scientists working alongside Dr Murad, they have made discoveries in botanical sciences, formulations & treatment methodologies. Numerous national and international pending trademarks and patents in the nutraceutical arena add to the glamour for which he received the CertiBicate of Appreciation from honourable Chief Minister Goa, respected Dr Pramod Sawant.

Vedaan Group was also recently nominated with “The MOST PROMISING INDIAN BRAND 2022 by honourable Deputy Chief Minister UP- Respected Mr Brijesh Pathak. In year 2019, another feather in the cap when Vedaan garnered the highest ranking award by Cabinet Minster of Ayush respected Mr Shripad Naik. Dr Ameed recalls how the family was thrilled at the ceremony where his father , senior Dr Hakeem Khursheed Murad received the prestigious UP Ratan award.

The father-son duo have received Accolades for their contribution in medicine by honourable Royal family members in UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

His list of ardent followers is endless but some of note are the Appreciation letters from Ruling political party BJP Treasurer respected Mr Rajesh Agarwal, Respected Ex Chief Minister Assam- Mrs Anwara Taimoor, Mrs Salma Ansari w/o respected Mr Hamid Ansari (Vice President of India 2007-17), and the Honourable Governor Uttrakhand & Uttarpradesh in year 2014, respected Mr Azeez Quereshi who even launched Vedaan’s products.

Since 1565, The Murad family has been the bridge connecting India with the prestigious Tib-E-Unani (Greek-Arab system of medicinal science) way of Holistic natural healing through treatment of the root cause of illnesses, not just the symptoms but complete disease reversals. Revered by millions of loyal patients worldwide as “the herbalist modern day doctor with the magic touch”, his followers include a vast and distinct array of bureaucrats, celebrities, royal families, etc. Dr Ameed is the carrier of this noble legacy from his father the renowned & highly decorated physician respected Hakeem Khursheed Murad … And the only way to serve it is by serving people.

The Murad family, an immortal lineage of eminent doctors, herbalists, practitioners and intellectuals of 11 generations, is synonymous with knowledge, trust, credibility & experience. With several accolades from governments, civil societies and research institutes, the Murad family history has been a highly decorated one.

Beginning his professional practice as a physician at the esteemed Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, Dr Ameed naturally developed a vision to integrate herbal remedies with modern medical science and rede`ine alternative medicine globally. An ardent student of human health, Dr Ameed not only mastered the knowledge of herbal medication but also evolved it according to today’s relevance. Committed to `inding newer, innovative ways and accessible permanent solutions for illnesses, he hopes to create a larger impact for all of society. With this thought he transformed the family heritage into a global phenomenon and established Vedaan global exports & pan-india distribution.

At Vedaan, we pack the goodness of nature in one tiny bottle. We don’t bring an essence of nature but nature in its full essence. With the Iconic state of the art manufacturing facility which is registered in US FDA, Europe, and around the globe. Following all guidelines, we ensure the highest standards of certi`ication (USFDA, HACCP, USDA, FSSAI, FDA, ISO etc.) and due diligence for all our processes and products. There is an inherent sense of trust that comes with Vedaan and with each passing day, we are trying to deepen it with newer scienti`ic approaches. Vedaan delivers products in every corner of the globe with surging exports to major 3 continents of this world.

FITNESS First: Practices what he Preaches.

Ever since a student at the boarding schools-St Joseph’s College & Sherwood College Nainital, Dr. Ameed Murad has been an active participant in sports and co-curricular activities. He is an ace when it comes to Boxing, Lawn Tennis and Athletics. A shelf full of medals & trophies show for his competitive spirit and a winner’s mindset.

His vision to spread the word about `itness has led to the commencement of sporting event in collaboration with government ASI Archaeological Society of India that has gained national acclaim.

Vedaan RUN to Breathe- The MARATHON in support with ASI.

Dr. Murad’s love for sports and `itness translated into the launch of the iconic Vedaan ‘Run to breathe’ campaign in major states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh in year 2015. The initiative was well-received by the society at large. Central and state ministers acclaimed his concern and the event became a medium for the promotion of long held concern of the nation.

In year 2019 Vedaan ‘Run to breathe’ gained massive traction in India. It sparked the movement for sustainable economic development. Olympians, sports celebrities, stakeholders from the business community and activists took part in the sports event for it to be heard in every corner of the country. Numerous sponsors joined in support of the cause with National leader brands like…Dabur, JK Tyres, NTPC, Atlas Cycles, Patanjali, etc, etc…leading the way.

An Environmentalist and a Philanthropist.

As a responsible citizen of the country, Dr. Ameed Murad focused the marathon event to create awareness about Health, Cleanliness, Planting trees & Preservation of Indian Heritage. His concern for the preservation of the historical monuments has inspired others to do the same. Many signi`icant ancient sites were given adequate restoration effort because of his passion to preserve the historical identity of the nation. However, due to his absolutely altruistic approach & the philosophy of giving back to the society, Dr. Murad has been successful in winning the trust of the society by providing free aids and medicines to the underprivileged, organising Being Alive Foundation multiple charity events, educational and social awareness programs. www.vedaan.com

Taushif Patel

Taushif Patel is a Author and Entrepreneur with 20 years of media industry experience. He is the co-founder of Target Media and publisher of INSPIRING LEADERS Magazine, Director of Times Applaud Pvt. Ltd.

Taushif Patelhttps://taushifpatel.com
Taushif Patel is a Author and Entrepreneur with 20 years of media industry experience. He is the co-founder of Target Media and publisher of INSPIRING LEADERS Magazine, Director of Times Applaud Pvt. Ltd.

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