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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

India’s PM Modi Seeks Return Of Kohinoor & Other Treasures From Britain

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India was ruled by the British for a period of almost 190 years and during this period, the British not only committed atrocities on the Indian people but also looted the wealth of the country and took thousands of treasures including Kohinoor diamond with them.

Currently, Kohinoor diamond is fixed in the crown of King Charles III whose coronation ceremony took place recently.

Now, the Indian government is planning to start diplomatic campaign for the purpose of bringing back Kohinoor and other treasures from England which they have taken with them in the past. As per the reports, the campaign will be titled as “Reckoning with the past” and it will be the biggest repatriation claim faced by the government of United Kingdom.

Govind Mohan, the secretary of India’s culture ministry stated this to a leading media house, “It is of huge importance to the government. The thrust of this effort to repatriate India’s artefacts comes from the personal commitment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has made it a major priority.”

As per a research, Britain has taken away a total wealth of $45 trillion from India during the period of 1765 to 1938 which means that the Indian government has a very big job to complete.

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