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Inspiring story of Sudha Chandran who rose to stardom after car accident

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Many of us become disheartened or depressed after facing a challenge or problem. Here’s the inspiring story of Sudha Chandran who became a star after a car accident.

Sudha Chandran was born on September 27, 1965, into a middle-class family in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mumbai is where she was born and nurtured.

Her mother Thangam was a stay-at-home mom, while Sudha Chandran’s father K.D. Chandran worked at the American Library in Mumbai. A Brahmin family introduced Thangam, a classical vocalist, to dancing. She wanted to dance, but her family’s severe restrictions prevented her from pursuing her dream. Additionally, throughout her era, dance was not a top emphasis.

The mother of Sudha Chandran used the analogy of a lifetime blank check to underline the importance of education. She cared about Sudha Chandran’s academics and always wanted her to be at the top of her class.

Sudha Chandran completed her education as a postgraduate in industrial and international economics with a Master of Arts (M.A.).

In May 1981, Sudha Chandran and her family were on their way from Tiruchirappalli to Chennai when they got into an automobile accident. She had a fractured right leg and was 15 years old.

A local government hospital treated Sudha Chandran and her family for four days. When Sudha Chandran lost her leg and discovered she couldn’t dance any more, her dreams of being a dancer were dashed, and as a result, she experienced some pretty severe discouragement.

Fortunately, her mother comforted and encouraged her, getting her to forget about her illness and teaching her to have hope for the future.

She thanked Pramod Karan Sethi (P. K. Sethi), a co-inventor of the Jaipur Foot, in a letter when she got back to Mumbai and requested to meet him. Sudha Chandran was invited to Jaipur by P. K. Sethi, and when she came, she asked him if it was conceivable to dance while wearing a prosthetic limb, and he answered yes. Within a day, she received a prosthetic limb.

The Jaipur Foot enabled Sudha Chandran to stand up and walk again. Later, Sudha Chandran went back to Mumbai to finish her dance studies, which she had started in 1981.

She used to practise dancing for 18 to 20 hours a day. Throughout that period, Sudha Chandran had a great deal of pain, blood, agony, and stress, but she remained committed to her dance objective.

The first time Sudha Chandran performed in front of a crowd was on January 28, 1984. She was well prepared, yet she was first anxious about playing in front of a packed auditorium of a thousand people. She then performed a stunning dance performance for the next three hours.

Standing ovations were given to Sudha Chandran by the audience, and her mother broke down in tears. When she got home, her father compared her to the goddess Saraswathi and caressed her feet.

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