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As India celebrates 75 years of Independence, Globatronix and Micro-Components proudly announce their significant milestone of having exported  75 million units, of Ultra-Precision, Electro-Mechanical Switching Relays and Components, to the USA, and Europe. These relays are used in a diverse range of industrial sectors, such as Aeronautics, Space Systems, Medical Equipment and High-Speed Railways.

Globatronix Group continues to leave a positive footprint in this manufacturing space that spans over three decades. They manage to bring foreign revenue into India by increasing local employment, as well as the indigenisation of parts and components. Furthermore, it puts Indian manufacturers on the global map as reliable suppliers to leading global players. As a result, Globatronix is among the Top Five internationally recognised companies in this market segment. 

Companies such as Globatronix are at the forefront of the “Make in India” initiative. The 5-year goal for the firm includes further strengthening manpower and empowering the employees, associates, and supplier partners. One of their primary aims is to multiply exports and penetrate more areas across the globe. The current plan projects growth from the present employment of 600 employees, to 1000, in two years, with the introduction of new customers, product diversification, and a significant increase in value addition. 

Bijoy Mishra, the founder, and chairman of Globatronix shares his thoughts: “We started implementing `Customer Orientation’ and `TQM’ in the early 80s, when there was no internet, no ISO, or even Six Sigma, prevalent in India. We have come a long way. All our customers continue to trust and rely on us, despite several changes in their management through the years. We have always prioritised manufacturing every single unit with unmatched precision, and critical vigilance. We are fully aware that many airplanes built by Airbus, Boeing, and many others, have Globatronix’s parts in their systems. Our competencies come from the core values of quality and the highest manufacturing standards. Our engineering skills and resources, coupled with our manufacturing consistency, have made us a valued player in the aerospace segment.

 Another unique contributor to the overall success of Globatronix over the years has been its core of all-women operators. They are second to none in precision manufacturing. We not only say that we believe in Women’s Empowerment but continue to successfully implement it.”

The company celebrated this success on December 14th at their Digha Branch, Navi Mumbai. The Vice Consul of the French Consulate Mumbai, Mr Christophe Jestin, was the Chief Guest, attended by Globatronix and Micro-Components employees and their customers.


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