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Interesting facts about World Tourism Day

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World Tourism Day is celebrated on Sept. 27 to raise awareness of tourism’s value. Learn the key facts about the importance of World Tourism Day 2021.

World Tourism Day is a global observance day to raise awareness of tourism’s importance in economic, social, cultural, and political areas. The awareness of the tourism industry’s contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is also raised on this day.

When we talk about tourism and travel, we usually talk about how it allows us to discover new locations, cultures, and people, right? However, we rarely discuss tourism as a substantial source of income for most countries. Tourism has traditionally been a fundamental pillar of society, with several good social, cultural, and economic impacts. It is only natural to commemorate World Tourism Day every year. That is because tourism is the industry that brings countries, cultures, and people together.

One of the interesting facts about World Tourism Day is that the day first was celebrated in 1980. Since then, the United Nations World Tourism Organization, or UNWTO, has observed the day yearly on September 27.

If you’re wondering why this date was selected, it’s because on the same date in 1970, world tourism reached a significant milestone. The UNWTO Organization’s statues were adopted in Mexico City.

Why do we celebrate World Tourism Day?

The primary goal of commemorating this day is to spread and promote travel and tourist awareness. Also, to shed focus on the critical role it plays in our society and in our personal well-being (after all, travel is the ultimate cleanse!).

Many organisations, tourism businesses, non-profit organisations, and government agencies observe this day with zeal. Yes, you may take part in the festivities as well! Participate in any of the day’s competitions, which include trip photography, presentations, and live sessions. If you can’t do that, book a trip and a hotel and go!

Who hosts World Tourism Day?

Every year, a different country hosts World Tourism Day. Every year, the UNWTO General Assembly chooses a host country.

To this day, World Travel Day is hosted by a different country each year, with a different theme. Previously, the day was hosted by China and the United States of America, among others. The host country’s tourism ministry offers special meetings and lectures on travel and tourism and tackles critical themes such as safety standards while travelling, cleanliness, and so on!

Tourism Day is celebrated in a variety of ways and colours each year. Every country observes World Tourism Day in its own distinct manner.

The concept of a Tourism Day topic rests around the unique role that the tourism industry plays in protecting, preserving, and providing opportunity for people to experience the world’s natural heritage.

‘Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future for All’ was the theme for 2019, while last year it was ‘Tourism and Rural Development.’

All you should know about World Tourism Day 2021

The year 2021 will be a watershed moment in the history of International Tourism Day. This year, like last, is going to be difficult. With the pandemic, the countries went into lockdown mode, causing all travel to come to a halt, whether for leisure or commercial purposes. Wasn’t it a letdown?

Regardless, due to the halt, some countries participated in World Tourism Day virtually in 2020. And it may happen again this year too.

Tourism has become one of the most affected sectors as a result of the global epidemic of the COVID 19 virus. Each country’s tourism industry has taken a beating. As a result, the World Tourism Day theme for 2021 is ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth.’ The focus is to support the establishment of job possibilities in the sector as well as a route of progress for the travel industry. Essentially, it is an endeavour to re-establish the strength of global tourism and make it even stronger than before.

Not to mention that the official Tourism Day ceremony will be place in Cote d’Ivoire, South Africa. With travel restrictions gradually being relaxed, South Africans (who have been chosen as the host country this year) are ecstatic to travel and discover their country.

With all health and safety measures in place, the South African government has proposed a solid plan to revitalise its tourism sector and encourage nation-building. Which we are quite enthusiastic about!

It’s no surprise that World Tourism Day is a fantastic effort. It informs and educates us about the importance and consequences of tourism. So, let us all band together, promote the tourism industry, and make the forthcoming World Tourism Day a memorable and happy day. And we all hope to be able to travel to our hearts’ delight again soon!


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