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International Picnic Day 2024: Where to go if you are in Mumbai

Have you ever thought that being busy in Mumbai might be a bit much? You’re not by yourself! So relax, lovers of the outdoors! June 18th, International Picnic Day, is the ideal opportunity to put down the screens and rediscover the beauty that lies just outside the city. The finest aspect? It’s not a very far trip. Mumbai has an unexpectedly large number of hidden jewels, all of which give a distinctive take on the traditional picnic experience.

Alibaug: A Beach Getaway with a Scoop of History

Alibaug is calling to those longing for a seaside getaway. Situated approximately 100 kilometers south of Mumbai, this quaint seaside town provides a welcome change of scenery. Envision lounging on immaculate beaches, with azure waves caressing the coast and a carefree atmosphere that whisks away your anxieties. Grab some fresh seafood (a must-try local delicacy!) and fill a picnic basket, then find a quiet area to take it all in. Are you in the mood for adventure? Water sports like jet skiing and kayaking are available in Alibaug, which will liven up your picnic day.

Enjoying a Picnic at Karnala Bird Sanctuary

All you nature lovers and birdwatchers, unite! The Karnala Bird Sanctuary is located around 60 kilometers from Mumbai, tucked away in the verdant Western Ghats.

Imagine laying out a picnic blanket close to a cave’s entrance and taking in the calm, spiritual, and historically significant ambiance. Your picnic experience takes on a fascinating new dimension when you explore the amazing sculptures and carvings inside the caverns.

Organizing Your Ideal Mumbai Picnic Area

It’s so easy to design your Mumbai picnic with so many fantastic options! To make sure your International Picnic Day celebration is a success, follow these tips:

  • Pack Wisely: Opt for appetizing and portable finger meals such as samosas, kebabs, and wraps. Refreshing drinks, a cozy picnic blanket, dishes, silverware, and an ample supply of napkins should not be overlooked.
  • Be Comfortable: For sun protection, bring hats, insect repellant, and sunscreen. For larger gatherings, think about a foldable, portable table.

As always, it’s important to picnic responsibly! When feasible, pack reusable containers, and dispose of garbage properly. We want future generations to be able to enjoy these verdant havens as well, after all!

So give up on screens, assemble your loved ones, and discover the basic pleasures of nature. Mumbai is simply waiting for you to embark on a picnic adventure! Greetings on International Picnic Day!

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