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Investigation launched as rats bite ICU patient at government hospital in Kamareddy

An investigation was launched after rats had bitten a Kamareddy ICU patient. Health regulators are probing patient attendant food disposal errors and disciplining those responsible.

Health officials reported Sunday that rats had bitten a 43-year-old patient in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a government-run hospital in Kamareddy, prompting an investigation. The patient’s attendant told medics that Saturday’s rat bites were on his right hand fingers and heel.

The patient, who had surgery in Hyderabad, was transferred to Kamareddy and confined to the ICU a week ago in an unconscious state, a health official said. A top health official visited the hospital and patient after an investigation.

A memo was sent to those responsible for the alleged failures as part of disciplinary action. A preliminary investigation found that rodents were able to infiltrate the ICU since the Dialysis unit next to it is being refurbished and dismantled.

The official stated bedside and hospital personnel’ improper food disposal contributes to the rodent problem. He promised to prevent such situations.


Rats bit a 43-year-old Kamareddy, India, intensive care unit patient. The hospital’s food disposal and Dialysis unit refurbishment were investigated after the event. Health officials sent a memo to those responsible for the alleged failures, and steps are being made to prevent further incidences.

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