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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

IPL 2023 introduces new impact player rule; Here is what’s it all about

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Several adjustments have been made to the IPL 2023 rules. After the toss, the captain will be permitted to announce the starting XI, and the impact player rule will be reinstated.

The Impact Player Rule is a new rule in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 that permits the match dice to be flipped in one stroke. This rule is optional, which means the captain can utilize it if he wishes or not at all.

As the captains of both teams go for the toss, they will have two sheets in their hands, and as soon as the toss is completed and it is evident which team will bat first, the captain will hand over one of the two papers to the captain of the other team.

Well, this ensures that if the team bats first, just one playing eleven will be declared, however if the team bats later, the second playing eleven will be announced.

The Impact Player Rule permits a side to replace a player from the XI after the toss with an impact player at any point during an innings. If the captain has already named four foreign players to his starting lineup, the impact player must be an Indian.

Nevertheless, if the declared playing XI includes three foreign players, the captain may select an Indian player as well as a foreign player as an impact player. It should be noted that a side can only employ the Impact Player Rule once during a match.

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