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Is living on extremely low pay in metro cities really worth it? Desi Twitter debates

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In every Indian metropolis, being newly hired comes with a double whammy that most people don’t encounter until that stage of life. Running through many hoops every single day is required to preserve your personal and social lives while juggling a professional life with excruciatingly low compensation.

A Twitter user recently expressed her dissatisfaction with the same by asking – Why are fresher salaries so low? In a big metropolis, how is one expected to exist on it? You’ll hardly have any savings earning 50k each month. Not everyone has the ability to steal from their relatives.

Despite the fact that the majority of people sympathised with the situation, others sought to normalise low-paying work and said that one would be better off as a result.

“Alright, strong opinion, but there are benefits to cutting back on your lifestyle and living in a big city on a shoestring budget. It is a crucial stage of development. You learn about setting a budget and doing jugaad. Things you won’t learn while living in your parents’ safe havens”, one Twitter user said in a discussion.

She made it clear that the topic of her discussion was not employment with excruciatingly low salary intended to serve as gatekeepers.

However, many others emphasised that the “hustle culture” may really work against people. People without financial support from their family are unable to take those positions because of the exceedingly low pay. However, the supporter of “hustle culture” pointed out that she was referring to those who were well off.

It’s a crucial conversation, but are the corporations paying attention? At the end of the day, capitalism benefits one class of people while starving the other class of any progress.

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