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Javed Akhtar cares a damn about what Kangana says on 26/11 statement

The entire country is proud of JavedAkhtar’s remarks in Pakistan these days. KanganaRanaut, his former adversary, has also lauded him. But, Kangana’s praise is unlikely to have pleased the lyricist.

JavedAkhtar, a legendary Bollywood lyricist, is also known for his outspokenness in his songs. He freely speaks his opinions on any subject, which has often resulted in backlash on social media. Yet, he just attended a conference in Lahore and while in Pakistan, he blamed Pakistan for the 26/11 incident. KanganaRanaut, who has always been critical of Javed, was among those who welcomed this comments. But, JavedAkhtar has had an unusual reaction to Kangana’s appreciation.

Let us inform you that JavedAkhtar returned from the event in Lahore, Pakistan, following his incredible revelation, and he came here to give an interview.

When questioned about the tweet complimenting Kangana in this interview, JavedAkhtar dismissed the subject. Yet, when asked again, JavedAkhtar stated unequivocally that Kangana did not important to him.

Let us remind you that KanganaRanaut commended JavedAkhtar in the description of a video of his remark on Twitter.

Notably, there was a feud between JavedAkhtar and KanganaRanaut two years ago. Kangana made some contentious remarks against Javed on social media. JavedAkhtar then filed a police report against Kangana. Kangana was also spotted attending the police station multiple times in this matter. JavedAkhtar had also discussed the slander lawsuit at the time.

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