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Javerians Jivan Mixture is a trusted remedial Ayurvedic medicine for all type of stomach disorders

M.H.Javerian & Sons is relentlessly working to formulate and create ayurvedic medicines to help us build good health and immunity through their vast range of herbal products especially its flagship product called Javerians Jivan Mixture.

Javerians Jivan Mixture is blend of highly effective herbs such as Haritaki, Jaiphal, PudinaTel, Kapura, Hing, Pimpli, Pudina Sat, Ajwan Sat. The mixture is a combination of these 8 very effective & potent Ayurvedic Ingredients that helps to build digestive firepower and prevents our body from most type of stomach disorders.

Importance of A healthy stomach 

We should remember the fact that a healthy stomach is good for strengthening one’s immune system. All health imbalances are a result of a poor digestive system. Therefore, to have a good digestive fire power in order to absorb nutrients from the food is vital, one should avoid any kind of indigestion. A healthy stomach increases immunity. Intake of Javerians Jivan Mixture is a tried and tested Remedy in maintaining good digestion. 

Javerians Jivan Mixture Helps Your Digestion

To understand the complexity of our body it is vital to learn that our body especially the stomach consists of Microorganisms. Nearly 65-70% of cells, found in our stomach are the main contributors to our immune system. These cells or the microbiomes in our stomach communicates and teaches the immune system to effectively respond to pathogens and toxins. This biological process determines how well our immunity is prepared, to fight with foreign bodies- like parasitic, viruses and bacteria responsible for stomach disorders. Javerians Jivan Mixture helps in digestion, destroying toxins and pathogens- the root cause for all stomach disorders. It neutralises acidity, provides relief to intestinal irritations, and corrects bowel movements.

Benefits of Javerians Jivan Mixture–

Javerians Jivan Mixture is highly effective and promises relief from

– Indigestion
– Common Stomach Bugs 
– IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
– IBD (irritable bowel disease)
– Gas & Gripping
– Burning Sensation in Stomach

About the company

Founded in the Year 1910, M.H.Javerian & Sons is India’s one of the oldest & most trusted reputed ayurvedic firm. Backed by immense facts of Ayurveda, and supported by Modern Scientific Research,  R & D team of MHJ had produced all its Ayurvedic Formulations. The company thrives on the vision of “Better Health Better Tomorrow” for all. The brand wants to propagate the positive outcomes of using Ayurvedic Medicines. These Ayurvedic medicines are 100% Safe without any Side effects. All their products are trusted by millions in India and are globally (in around 50 plus countries) accepted. Its flagship product Javerians Jivan Mixture is a huge success among all for treating stomach infection.

Javerians Jivan Mixture is a product that is safe for consumption for everyone including children above 2 years and elders. Healthy Stomach Happy Living is the company’s motto..


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