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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Jewellery worth Rs 300 was sold to a US resident for Rs 6 crore in Jaipur.

Following intervention from the US Embassy, Jaipur Police initiated an investigation, while both shop owner Jewellery worth Rs 300 was sold to a US resident for Rs 6 crore in Jaipur. and son remain at large.

Cherish returned to Jaipur determined to confront Rajendra Soni and Gaurav Soni about their store, only to be disregarded and her allegations ignored. On May 18 she filed a formal complaint at Manak Chowk police station against them; as retaliation, they lodged a false case against her.

Cherish was understandably distressed by these developments and sought assistance from the US Embassy. After consultation with Jaipur Police and with help from their embassy, investigations revealed the fraudulent sale of fake jewellery by father and son duos who have since absconded; while an individual who issued false certificates has since been arrested.

Investigators have learned of an investigation revealing that the accused sold silver jewellery with gold polish valued at Rs 300 and worth Rs 6 crore to a foreigner for Rs 6 crore, providing her with a certificate of authenticity issued by Nand Kishore who issued it fraudulently. Nand Kishore was arrested, while searches are currently ongoing to locate both his father and son who remain at large,” added Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police North Bajrang Singh Shekhawat.

Police further reported that one of the accused recently purchased a three crore flat in Jaipur’s C Scheme area and are conducting special teams searches to apprehend him, along with additional investigations of this case.


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