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Jogani Wellness Celebrates PM Modi’s 71th Birthday By Modernising 71 Indian Traditional Wellness Therapies

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Jogani Wellness celebrates Narendra Modiji’s 71st Birthday in a unique way. The company has modernised around 71 ancient traditional wellness remedies and invented numerous Natural Therapy Devices for Holistic Health Healing and Wellness therapies.

By Inventing and modernising the aura of Traditional wellness therapy devices, Jogani Wellness has further helped propagate Prime minister Narendra Modiji’s vision of making Indian natural wellbeing  systems take centre stage on a global platform. The idea is to motivate more and more people to understand the importance of yoga, meditation, and natural ways of living so that they can benefited from   preventive and healing practices along with modern medicines to build a healthy and fit India.

The ancient wellness healing procedures that were developed thousands of years ago are passed down for generations. But these methods in their originalities required much rigorous investment of time and environment. People do not have time to invest in such rigorous and old  fashioned remedies in the present context. They need something that can be far more modern and practical to use.

By revolutionizing and modernizing the good old natural organic procedures and devices based on the principles of ancient wellness remedies, Jogani Wellness, under the firm leadership of Mahesh Jogani, has provided us with a chance to live a sustainable life at economic prices.

The Chairman and founder of the wellness organisation Mr Mahesh Jogani fortunate to met our beloved Prime Minister in person and  inspired by Modiji’s vision of Fit India. The inspiration from Prime Minister Modi ji  himself was like a booster dose for the Jogani Wellness team to work with a vision to modernised Indian Traditional Wellness Therapies and developed multiple patented wellness devices. Furthermore, the DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy &Promotion) Government of India recognised the company as a Healthcare Technology.

In its mission to promote holistic wellness therapies, Jogani Wellness has already restructured some devices based on traditional principles. To begin with, traditional acupressure using natural crystals and modern science can be experienced with its innovative device, ANT 8978. This device can focus on energy cleansing and naturally detoxifying the body. The Relaxation Therapy Device (ANT 8975) offers us the opportunity to comprehend the power of sound and frequencies in relaxing, healing and channelising our positive energy in the best possible way. The company also have a device (ANT8977) that uses the mineralised and super energy Crystals crafted out from the range of Holy Himalayas. These are widely recommended for Reiki, Pranic Healing, Meditation and healing of skin.

The company has patented all these devices and many more. There are more than 71 product ideas that are in due process of getting patented shortly.  

The global wellness market has seen a sharp rise in this time of the pandemic. Alternative healing practices are the new face in the segment of holistic health and  healing segment. The integrated approach of such practices has shown visible results in immunity improvement and wellbeing.These Indian Traditional Wellness therapies will be a frontrunner in the wellness  market segment, yoga meditation, reiki, herbal therapy, reflexology, naturopathy, etc. Natural Healing and Wellness remedies have a very promising future in making a mark in the preventive health segment.

Mahesh Jogani Founder of Jogani Wellness is firmly believed if Yoga can become a huge economical success hundreds of other Indian traditional wellbeing practiced can be modernised to create employment, wealth and at the same time it will not only help Indian population, but for whole humanity to be at best of health naturally. www.joganiwellness.com

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