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Journey of Ilma Afroz who quit her job abroad to join IPS, serve the nation

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Ilma Afroz is one of those woman who have fought against all odds against prejudice and societal pressures to conquer the height of success. Here’s the inspiring story of Ilma Afroz, who quit her job overseas and returned to serve our country through the Indian Police Service (IPS).

Indians commonly have two types of dreams. One option is to move overseas for a better life, while the other is to pass the UPSC test and enter the government service.

Ilma Afroz met both requirements. She attended a prominent institution in the United Kingdom and passed the UPSC test to serve her country.

If you are born with the ability to alter the world, you will find a method to do it. Ilma Afroz accomplished a lot despite being a girl from a tiny hamlet, losing her father at an early age, and pursuing her aspirations despite her difficulties.

She did the country proud by passing the UPSC test and becoming an insightful IPS (Indian Police Service) officer, despite being a good student from infancy.

Ilma Afroz, the daughter of a farmer from Kundark town in Moradabad district, Uttar Pradesh, coped with life viciously before it gave her a feeling of pride.

Her father died when she was fourteen. Her mother reared her and her younger brother on her alone. While raising her two siblings, her mother instilled in them excellent values and morals, emphasizing the need of hard work.

Ilma Afroz’s family is a rock of stability. They made many sacrifices in order to transfer her to an unknown distant nation.

Her younger brother put money aside for her schooling.

She traveled to Delhi after finishing her schooling at a Kundark school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from St. Stephen, one of the well-known institutions of the University of Delhi.

Ilma Afroz received a scholarship at Oxford University through Wolfson College, but she was unable to return home owing to financial restrictions. She came to New York after graduating to participate in a volunteer service program.

Despite her success in New York, her heart was in India. Ilma Afroz passed the UPSC civil service test and was commissioned as an IPS officer in 2017. She was ranked 217th overall. In 2018, she began her career as an IPS – Indian Police Service officer.

Ilma Afroz desired to serve her country and contribute to society. She left a well-regarded profession in the United Kingdom, where the new generation aspires to reside.

Among her numerous accomplishments, Ilma Afroz started Hope in her community Kundark. It is a community-building networking tool that aims to educate poor youngsters.

Her dominance over societal work has earned her a lot of respect and acclaim in the hamlet.

They were formerly individuals who used to annoy and taunt Ilam Afroz’s family for sending her overseas for further education. However, she is now generally appreciated for her responsibility and hard work.

As a woman who has overcome discrimination and societal constraints, Ilma Afroz is an inspiration to others who aspire to reach the pinnacle of achievement.

UPSC – Union Public Service Commission – is often regarded as the most difficult civil test in the world. Ilma Afroz not only accomplished her dream of studying and working in a distant country and at a prominent university, but she also returned to serve her country.

Nothing came Ilma Afroz’s way when she was straining too hard to succeed.

The pillar of strength in her road of recognition goes to her family for believing in her and sacrificing for her cause.

Being in the administration, she aspired to make good changes to her community and improve the society, which she accomplished hard.


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