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Juhi Parmar – The Young Digital Marketer & Support System of Budding Women Entrepreneurs

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The world is going through a tough phase as COVID-19 has not only taken many lives in the past one year or more but it has also snatched the livelihood of a number of people and made it difficult for them to survive. The Indian businesses especially the SMEs and the local businesses have also suffered in a great manner due to the coronavirus lockdown. Many people lost their jobs during this period because of which housewives had to start a new small business in order to support their families. 

However, starting a new business in today’s time is more difficult than ever especially for those women who are trying their luck for the first time as there are many problems such as funding, marketing, gender discrimination, responsibilities of family, etc. which a new woman entrepreneur has to face. But there is nothing to worry about it as with right guidance and proper support, a woman can turnaround not just her life but the lives of her family members as well. 

Today we will make you acquainted with Juhi Parmar who is a digital marketer by profession and has been playing an important role in the lives of many women entrepreneurs by supporting them and helping them in not just getting funds but also in creating a strong digital presence. Juhi Parmar is the founder of Cosmifie LLP, a digital marketing consultancy, and her main motive behind starting her company is to support more women entrepreneurs and help them in getting their business online and increase their sales. 

A glimpse into Juhi’s life

Talking about her life, Juhi Parmar states that she is the youngest of the three sisters in the family and things got quite murky after her father’s demise as she was just 16 yrs of age at that time.

Early days of career

Juhi Parmar told that after completing her engineering, she joined a small digital agency but neither her paycheck was good enough nor there was acknowledgement for her hard work so she left the job after some time and became a freelance digital marketer and web developer. She added soon she got the chance to work with a sports nutrition giants like Rikin Nutritional Supplements, Energia lifestyles etc., brand which gave a boost to her confidence and it helped her in taking the risk of starting her own company. 

Becoming self-reliant

Juhi said that it was a very big decision of her life as she was the sole earning member of her family at that time and she used all her savings for the purpose of initial investment for her business. However, she was determined of achieving success and now she is an inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs. 

How did Cosmifie help women entrepreneurs?

Juhi Parmar said that getting finance for a new business was already pretty tough and the coronavirus pandemic further made it more difficult for new entrepreneurs. Cosmifie helps them in arranging finances and also offers a huge range of digital services such as website development, social media development, positioning their brand and helping them in creating a strong online presence not just at the national level but at the global level as well. 

Juhi Parmar’s support system

Juhi says that she has achieved success in her life with the help of her women around her and this has given her inspiration to help other women. She further adds that her biggest support system is her family ,her Partner’s Family and her tribe of 44 women of India Women Business Club.

A little detail about IWBC

Juhi Parmar tells that IWBC is a Mumbai-based first of its kind all women business networking club which has been founded in March 2018 by Cleona Britto-D’Souza. 

Juhi Parmar’s aim in life

Juhi Parmar has seen many ups and downs in her life but she was able to continue her struggle and pursue her dreams because of the support system that she has and now she aims to become the support system of the budding women entrepreneurs.

Website – www.cosmifie.com

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