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Kamal Amrohi’s Son Blasts Sharmin Segal For Comparing Her Act With Meena Kumari

Zameen aasman ka fark hai between Heeramandi and Pakeezah: Tajdar Amrohi

Sharmin Segal is one actress from the web series, Heeramandi who is constantly in news but for all the wrong reasons. Earlier she was trolled for her expressionless performance in the series and many people also alleged that she got the role just because of nepotism and not for her talent. Now she has created one more controversy as she made a reference to late actress Meena Kumari while talking about her acting in Heeramandi.

Earlier Sharmin said that she tried to watch Pakeezah 15-16 times, Meena Kumari is her inspiration and nothingness in Meena Kumari’s performance also helped her (Sharmin) in Heeramandi.

Pakeezah is a 1972-released movie which was directed by Kamal Amrohi and now Kamal’s step son, Tajdar Amrohi has reacted to Sharmin’s statement. He said, “I don’t know Sharmin. But no, I can’t relate to her statement on nothingness.”

Tajdar said that there is a huge difference between the performances of Sharmin and Meena Kumari and he also said that Pakeezah and Heeramandi shouldn’t be compared. In his words, “Zameen aasman ka fark hai between Heeramandi and Pakeezah. Don’t compare the two. Nobody can make Pakeezah again. Neither Meena Kumari nor Kamal Amrohi can ever be born again.”

We have to agree with Tajdar in this regard, what do you say?

Nitin Bhatnagar
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